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No. 22 Georgia 7, Baylor 5

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the team's performance:

"I thought everybody really played pretty well. You are not ever going to play perfect, particularly in games where both sides are competing as hard as they were. I think this was pretty good baseball for early in the year."

On the play of freshmen Max Muncy and Logan Vick:
"(Max Muncy) is swinging the bat pretty well. He has been swinging the bat like that before today. It is really good to see that continue. There really wasn't any difference in him today than there was last week in the scrimmages. I feel pretty much the same way about Logan Vick. Logan has already got people bringing in left-handers to try and pitch to him. I think those two guys are going to be really good players."

On the speed of the team and base stealing:
"The situations just presented themselves and we had the right guys on base. How that will stack up over the course of the year, I don't know. We are definitely going to try and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves."

Junior RHP Shawn Tolleson
On his performance and mindset coming into the game:

"Really it was just the whole mindset of how I was going to pitch the game. I came into the game with a plan to throw inside early and work away late. It really didn't work out. They were jumping on fastballs and were ready to go. They were pretty geared up when they were out at the plate. I went out there in the second inning with a different philosophy -- pitching away and mixing a little bit more off-speed stuff. It worked."

On his last five innings of work:
"I was definitely pleased with the way the last five innings went. I threw a lot more sliders than I planned on throwing and they were swinging at them."

Sophomore RHP Logan Verrett

On his performance:
"I was just trying to go out there and do the same thing every inning. Obviously the first four innings went stellar for me. I went out there in the fifth and walked that guy which is never a good start to an inning. Credit them. They put the ball into play and found the holes and scored some runs. We were playing from behind after that. Playing catch-up was little bit harder for us. We weren't able to attack like we wanted. (Georgia) is a pretty good club so we are happy with the way that we played today."

On the team and the freshmen:
"They were awesome. I am extremely proud to be a Baylor Bear and part of this baseball team. The way we played and the way that we battled -- we were never out of that game. At times it might have seemed like it, but we would come through with some clutch runs and some clutch hits. I am extremely proud of the freshmen that came in and did their job today. For our team as a whole, we are going to win some games and we are going to surprise some people. We are really clicking. The score might not show it tonight but we know that we played well."

Freshman 1B Max Muncy

On his second homer:
"I was looking for a curveball during that at-bat because I knew they were going to throw me one after I swung at four straight that were in the dirt. I was kind of just sitting on it and I just ended up getting out front and got lucky."

On the Georgia game:
"(Georgia) is a very good team. If I understand correctly, (Justin Grimm), is projected as a top-20 pick. He was a really good pitcher. We hung in there. Even though we lost the game, it really isn't that much of a tough thing. We have 51 more games. It was a tough loss but I was just really happy to be out there because we never gave up and kept battling for the entire game."



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