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Postgame Quotes (Baylor 3, Duke 2)

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"I thought we swung the bat okay. Early in the game (Michael Ness) was really effective. He had some movement and was working both sides of the plate, changing speed and we were beating it into the ground pretty quick. As the game progressed we took better swings. Early in the game we took good swings but didn't get anything for it. We took some good at-bats. Fortunately, we were able to get one to go through when Brooks (Pinckard) got up there."

On the pitching:
"Trent (Blank) was good today. Craig (Fritsch) knows that it wasn't his best day. The thing about it, even though it wasn't his best day, he got us five innings and kept us in the game. We were definitely in the game on a day in which he wasn't sharp. Trent (Blank) came in and was in the zone with several different pitches and we played well behind him."

On the relief pitching:
"They have done a good job. This early in the year, pitching ought to be ahead of (hitters). Hitters are still getting their swings in. The thing that you like the most is that we are not walking a lot of guys and we are throwing strikes. The two things that we are trying to do as a staff is not walk guys and not let them hit it out of the park. If you can do that, your chances are going to be pretty good. I think that is working for us right now."

Senior C Gregg Glime

On the importance of the win:
"The biggest thing is coming back after last night. When you lose to a good team, a good team comes back and wins the next day. Getting down could have taken the wind out of our sails real quick. We have a good team. We kept going and it was only a matter of time before balls started falling. I felt like we were hitting them well all day and it turned out in the fifth or sixth inning we did start getting the balls to drop."

On the game:
"If you could count on scoring three runs and winning that would be nice to do. All of our pitchers are throwing well. I think that is going to be a common theme this year."

Junior RHP Craig Fritsch

On the pitching matchup:
"They had a better guy on the mound during this game. It took us a little while to get going but we definitely came out and played. We got it done today."

On his outing:
"I definitely did not have my best stuff today but I was able to battle every inning and keep us in the game for the win. It's not your ideal situation, but you have to go out there when you don't have everything you potentially could have. It's good to get outs and help your team win."

Sophomore RHP Brooks Pinckard

On the save:
"I was just going to go out there and try to get the job done. Fortunately that's what I did and came up with the (save). I've never really been a starting pitcher; I have always been a short relief guy mainly at the end of the game. It's just exciting to be out there."

On his first outing of the season:
"I felt pretty good. I was actually goofing off with coach when I went out there, just making a joke or two. I was just trying to do my job out there."



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