Postgame Quotes (Baylor 4, Georgia 2)

Feb. 25, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith 

On the idea of the team playing "small ball":
"You do what the game asks you to do. Small ball to me is when you are giving up outs, and I don't think we did that, we were just aggressive and obviously we thought we could be. You don't know that coming in, particularly when you haven't played somebody any more than we have seen them or seen their guys play. So it is kind of one of those things where you just do what you feel the game gives you."

On adjustments made to stop stranding runners in scoring position:
"It was a lot of balls just falling in the right place. The scary part of a game like this is how many bases we did steal, how many hits we did get, and you would think when you look at a box score like that you would have a pretty big difference in runs scored, but it`s a two-run game. It was really close. They could have won this game just as easily as we did. We left a lot of runners on, but that is just baseball. They are probably going to go home and think, `wow we can't hit the ball any harder than we did in the ninth inning,' and that's baseball."

On Logan Verrett`s performance tonight:
"I thought he was really good today. I would have liked to have seen him get through one more inning because his pitch count wasn't that high. That 75 number is not that low, but I thought he got tired. Balls started coming up a little bit and his velocity was coming down, and I felt like I left him out there maybe a batter or two too long after he led off that inning with a walk. I probably should have got him then, but I was hoping with the pitch count at what it was that he could get us through the inning and then we could run (Trae) Davis out there. Give Trae Davis credit though, he was able to get us through it and he threw strikes."

Sophmore 1B Max Muncy

On the adjustment made to avoid stranding runners on base:
"First time through the lineup we had never seen the pitcher before. We were really just trying to figure out what he had. Then the second time through we were able to make educated guesses on the pitches he would throw and we were able to get better swings than the first time. Got a few balls in holes and were able to get some runs in."

On the defense:
"It was very big. Defense like that lets the pitcher know that guys are going to be out there making plays for him and he can make his pitches, do what he needs them to do and not worry whether someone will make an error or something like that. So it was really big for the pitcher's confidence and even for the team's confidence, knowing that we can count on each player on this team."

Junior Pitcher Logan Verrett:

On his pitching performance:
"I felt a lot more prepared coming into today's game than last game. I worked my tail off with the coaches just working on the little things of pitching that I was doing a little bit off. With the work that I put in I knew it was going to be a pretty good outing. The pitch selection today was a lot better than last week as well"

On the importance of pitch placement with the new bats:
"You could say that, but really if you just stick with what has been working for you in the past you don't have to change who you are to be more successful against these bats. You just have to stick to who you are and the bats will make you more successful."




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