Postgame Quotes (Baylor 19, Georgia 12)

Feb. 27, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith 

On the hitting:
“Well hitting is contagious and I think we got on a roll there and it can work the other way to, it could be that we get a few guys in a funk and it can spread through the team. We got off to a good start and the key to any game is what you get off the mound and I thought Trent Blank did a good job. This wasn‘t an easy game to pitch in because of the long waits and stuff and I thought he did a pretty good job.”

On facing Georgia’s starting pitcher Craig Gullickson:
“We had never seen him. I believe it is his first start since Tommy Johns and he wasn’t bad, I thought he had good stuff but it was just one of those days where we got on a roll.”

On The importance of winning an early series on the road:
“It is important for every team right now to try to continue to play better. I thought we played well and we gave up a bunch of runs but there were some reasons for that. We played well, we got a lot of guys in the game, a lot of guys got to take their first at bats and first defensive looks very early in some of their pitching careers. It was good to be able to play a lot of guys on the road against a good team to get them experience and still win.”

Sophmore LF Logan Vick

On the team getting more hits:
“We all were hitting the ball all the way up and down the line up. We kind of had a chip on our shoulder from last night, we should have had that game and it kind of got away from us. Today we kind of wanted to prove a point and show how good we are and how well we can really play.”



On how he is able to make plays in the outfield:
“It was a little bit difficult getting used to these new bats but Coach Moat has been hitting them out to us so I have gotten a pretty good feel for them. My first step is right at the ball instead of taking a quick step back, I go right to it and had a couple of opportunities to make a couple of spectacular catches. I am glad I actually got to lay out for a couple of them, it makes the outfield more enjoyable.”

Junior RHP Trent Blank

On his pitching performance:
“Well early on we got an early lead and I just tried to pitch with it. I knew that the guys behind me were making plays and I just tried to put it in the strike zone.”

On being able to pitch on Sunday:
“Its all about paying attention to hitters and seeing how other guys have worked with them and that is a huge advantage.”


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