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Pepperdine-Baylor Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 26, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith

On the team being able to come from behind and win:

"I think we are learning offensively that we are pretty competitive. We are grinding it out, even in the games that we have lost. It really hasn't been an issue of competitiveness at the plate; it has really just been issues on the mound. Tonight we were good enough at the back end of the game to overcome that."

On the pitching at this point in the season:

"Honestly, Sterling Wynn did what I had hoped he would do. When we went into this one we thought if we could get three innings out of him that would be good, but we got three and we asked for four and got within an out of doing it. Joe Kirkland comes in and I know he is more frustrated than anybody. He has been throwing pretty well here, but he only had one other outing and that was in Irvine and he struggled there. We felt like he was ready to go, particularly having two outs in the inning, we felt like it wasn't a big task. We had Max Garner ready to go and probably should have gone to him first and given Kirkland a clean inning later in the game, but you live and learn. I was really pleased to see what [Bobby] McCormack did. It was his first time out here and it was impressive. He looked like he was better out here under the lights against someone else than he has looked in inner-squads and that is always a good thing to learn."

On the aggressive base running tonight:

"I have no problem with Logan Brown getting thrown out. The guy had to make a perfect throw and it was an aggressive play. The play with Mitch Price getting thrown out, I really don't have a problem with that if he is sliding into second base. You know where the ball is, it is right in front of you, and he clearly got (faked out) and you have got to know yourself a little bit. It is one thing for Logan Brown to be going two right there and another for Mitch. He will learn. A lot of what we are experiencing right now is inexperience. We see a lot of things where we scratch our heads about, but it is inexperience and it shows itself when you get out here and start playing."



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