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Baylor, Sam Houston State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 28, 2012

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Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith

On getting a win after two road losses:
"Coming back from the road, and the long trip, and the late, late return, we had played eight games in 10 days, so that's one more on a days rest. We've got some guys that have some fatigue. This was not our best game that we've played in terms of just the mental stuff. There were some missed signs, there were some balls that were chased out of the strike zone that we haven't been doing. These guys have been very good at that part of the game, so the thing that's good about it is that we were able to win in spite of it."

On Trent Blank's performance:
"Trent's gotten off to a great start, he's throwing strikes. He made that adjustment to his delivery last year at the end of the season. It has probably been really helpful for him to have the whole fall and all the time preparing going into this year, to be comfortable in that delivery. He picked it up really quickly last year and did a nice job with it at the end, but he's way more comfortable now."

On the team's timely hitting:
"The game's all about timely hitting, really. That was one of the things over the weekend we didn't really get a lot of. We left so many guys on, but there's not a lot in there you can control, so they can't worry about it, and I can't worry about it. What you worry about and what you really try to focus on is what you can control, and those are the things tonight that we weren't as good with. When you're missing signs or not executing what sign is given, you're not there. Maybe you're still on the plane, but hopefully it's easier to make those corrections and get on them a little bit and hold them accountable when you're winning."

Junior SS Jake Miller

On how good it was to come back from the road and get the win:
"It was big for the team, not only does it help our RPI, but it helps our confidence going into the weekend. It's a W that we needed and we knew we could get."

On correcting mental errors:
"We just have to stay focused, have to keep our eyes on coach J (Johnigan), know the situation, and know what the situation is calling for. Some of them you may not be able to see from the stands as a fan, but in the dugout we had a couple mental errors. We just have to knuckle up and keep fighting."

Senior RHP Trent Blank

On pitching with a lead:
"If I get a comfortable lead I can just go out there and throw strikes and let our defense work, and take it home."

On preparing for playing four games in three days:
"I think we're just going to take it one game at a time, and we're going to have to get a lot of pitchers up, but I think everybody is ready and you have to trust everyone on the team."



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