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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 29, 2008

Recap |  Box Score

Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On Aaron Miller becoming the first Baylor player to hit three home runs at Baylor Ballpark:

"Hitting is contagious, and the guys swung the bats very well. Obviously he's (Aaron Miller) got some juice in his bat; it was quite a display. He's a pretty special kid."

On the offensive outburst:

"We got extra opportunities. They kicked it around a little bit on defense and they left the guy out there. They weren't in any hurry to go to their bullpen, and our guys were seeing him well and taking good swings."

On Kendal Volz's performance:

"Kendal (Volz) was good. He did what he had to do. We spotted him that big inning, and the objective and the goal after that was to just throw strikes. No free bases. We didn't give up free bases of any kind while he was in the game. They got about four or five late with wild pitches, walks and things like that. While he (Volz) was out there they scored some runs, but a lot of that was him trying to pound the strike zone a little bit and not walk guys."



Baylor sophomore RHP Kendal Volz:

On pitching with a lead:

"It's great going out there when they put up 10 runs in the second inning. Our hitters are pretty locked-in, and that just gives our whole pitching staff a lot of relief and a lot of confidence."

On Aaron Miller going 5-for-5 with three home runs:

"We all know he (Aaron Miller) can hit, and tonight he just showed his potential. He's a great hitter; one of the best hitters. Throwing against him in all of the intrasquads in the fall, he's one of the best hitters that we'll throw to, and we could say that about almost every hitter on our team. He was hitting the ball well tonight, and it was not awesome. There aren't too many times you'll see that, or even hear about that."

On Aaron Miller's third home run:

"I was on the soccer field running, and I saw it and had no doubt. Supposedly everyone just knew it was gone. When he gets locked-in like that, it's hard to get him out. He might be one of the toughest outs in the country. It was a bomb."

Baylor sophomore RF Aaron Miller:

On hitting three home runs in a game:

 "In one high school game I'd done it before, but it definitely wasn't on a stage this big, a field this big, or against as good of an opponent. I'll take it."

On the lineup putting up 20 runs on 21 hits:

"We've always had the ability to do something like that, and I think we're going to do it quite a bit more. Tonight we showed a little bit about what our lineup can do. Up and down the lineup, (we had) doubles, home runs, just absolutely killing the ball. Once we get in a flow, it's going to be a really hard lineup for opposing pitchers to attack."

On tonight's offensive performance:

"It definitely does (help) with the way Adam (Hornung) is swinging, and Dustin (Dickerson) behind him. Dustin had three doubles today, and Beamer (Weems) ahead of me got a few hits. There are really no weaknesses in our lineup. I really feel bad for other teams when you come out and guys are swinging this well. Landis (Ware) had three hits in the nine-hole, and when teams are swinging it that well, there's just really not much you can do."

On adjustments he's made since last season:

"The biggest adjustment I've made is just attacking early - being aggressive at the plate and swinging at pitches early in the count. I got a few pitches early in the count today that I was able to get a hold of."

Baylor sophomore 1B Dustin Dickerson:

On the offense scoring 20 runs:

 "We did well tonight. Once we got started we all felt good. It just clicked for some reason and we all hit well."

On Aaron Miller clearing the bases in front of him:

"It was the quietest 3-for-4 I've probably ever had in my career. Aaron (Miller) was in an unreal zone tonight, and he didn't leave me many RBI chances, but I did what I could."


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