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Postgame Quotes

March 1, 2009

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Head coach Steve Smith

On the explanation he received from the umpires after Rice doubled off Shaver Hansen in the third:

"The umpire in the field ruled no catch. I believe everybody saw that, so the base runners react to a no catch. They (Rice) declare a catch, so they throw it in to second base. They are reacting to the way their fielders' thought the play was. The umpire in the field asked for help after he has made a no-catch. The umpire at home plate reversed the call. At that point in time getting the call right is really a moot point. You can't have a do over on that kind of a play and that's what they did."


On what he learned about his team this weekend:

"I continued to be impressed with the young guys. I think that is a good thing. I think we are not just so totally dependent on the veteran guys that everybody has sort of anointed. I mean we got some young guys."




On today's game:

"The most disappointing thing about this game today was that a lineup of veteran hitters really had to face two freshman pitchers for the better part of the game and the 3-, 4-, and 5-hole hitters punched out five or six times. That is troublesome. That's not the kind of day you want to have against that kind of pitching."


On Joey Hainsfurther:

"He is putting the ball in play. He will get out some; that is baseball. But he is putting the ball in play and he is doing a good job with two strikes. He is a competitive hitter. Hopefully a couple of guys will take some cues from that, because he is doing a good job just putting the ball in play."


On Hainsfurther's play at short

"He is adequate. I mean he is adequate. He is doing an OK job. He gets a routine play there early in the game, that maybe we can pick that, probably should have, but again you can make that throw. That wound up leading to a couple more runs. That spot on the field is still not what it needs to be."

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