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Baylor, UC Irvine Postgame Quotes

March 2, 2012

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Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith

On what Josh Turley did well ...
"I thought he mixed and threw strikes. He had two or three pitches going, so he just changed speeds, pitches. It was a typical Josh Turley-type of outing, very much what he's like when he's on. I pushed him a little far. I had thought about not even letting him go out for the eighth inning. You're staring at what, at the time, was a three-hit shutout, and being an old pitcher it's hard to pull a guy in that situation. But if you don't, you roll some dice. We rolled them, and Dillon (Newman) was able to get out of that inning and make it stand up.

On Turley getting ahead in counts ...
"I don't know what the first-pitch numbers looked like. I know they swung early a lot, particularly the first time through the order. They were very aggressive. I think they're a very good club, particularly with two strikes. They work you pretty hard, and he had to make some pitches. They hit some balls well. Logan (Vick) ran that ball down early in the ball game that the 3-hole hitter had. He's a really nice hitter. I was glad to see us get that last one and not have to face him again. But I think he's someone right now who is swinging the bat pretty well."

On Lawton Langford's bunt single in the second inning and the early offense ...
"We just unsettled them a little bit early in the game. Their starter wasn't as sharp as he can be. He settled in, and it was clearly a game. It's really hard to play a game where you score four early and don't score again. Things are going to happen in a game. You're going to have a run fall or something. But as we said, they had a shot. I think it's more a credit to them on the mound than us. I think we're working hard, taking good at-bats. They just had some quality guys on the mound."

On Dillon Newman ...
"He made big pitches. He had to come in and get the 3-hole guy out. You've got the bases loaded and the 3-hole guy at the plate. We traded a run for an out right there, and he does a nice job. I don't think he was as sharp tonight as what he's been, but it's been a week since he's thrown. Last time he went out, we really laid him out there for four innings last Sunday. So it's kind of hard to be sharp in the situation he was in. If you're going to finish games, unless you're throwing 95 or 96, you'd better have something to go along with it. He gave up those hits on fastballs, a lot of the plate. When he got the final out, I think he threw about four changeups in a row."

On getting through the game with only two pitchers ...
"That was ideal. It helps. We're still going to have a lot of innings to cover, but it certainly helps. We don't even know who we're going to start game two tomorrow. If we'd have had to run through the bullpen tonight, that would certainly limit those possibilities."

Junior LHP Josh Turley

On what worked well ...
"For the most part, in the first six innings everything I threw was working well. There in the eighth I just got a little fatigued and I was opening up a little bit with my front side and losing a little control. For the most part, I feel really good about the outing though."

On getting a first-pitch out ...
"As a pitcher, you definitely want to throw the least amount of pitches as possible. Their hitters are aggressive. We knew that coming in on the scouting report, and we watched them in the game before. The coaches watched the game also, and kind of gave us an idea of what kind of hitters they were, aggressive, like first-pitch fastball. They like to sit on off-speed stuff, but I think for the most part coach called a good game, and I always love having (Josh) Ludy back there calling the game for me."

On not wanting to come out of the game ...
"It's just that competitive spirit inside of you. You never want to give them that rally, that momentum that I just did. It happens, it's the game of baseball. You don't like to come out, but we realize there's 18 other guys in the bullpen with fresh arms and they can get the job done. You've got to trust them, and that's what we're trying to do."

On handing the ball to Dillon Newman ...
"I went over there and as soon as he came out to get the ball, I waited on him and I said, 'You got this.' You have to have trust in your teammates, because this isn't a one-person game. There's one guy pitching the majority of the game, but you still have to have the defense, you still have to have the run support. It's the ultimate team game and you've just got to have faith in your teammates that they're going to get the job done. That's what we did, and they did a great job."

Junior 3B Cal Towey

On his RBI double in the first inning ...
"It was just a fastball in that I was a little bit ahead of, and I was able to keep it fair, took it down the line. I was trying to sac bunt. I had the bunt on for the next two pitches and took sliders for balls. Then they let me hit, and I was just trying to put it on that side to get (Nathan) Orf over to third so (Max) Muncy could just bring him in. But I got lucky there.

On getting four early runs ...
"It feels really good. I wish we could have kept going and scoring more runs, but it feels good knowing you can jump out on a guy. And then hopefully (Josh) Turley does what he did and just rolls."



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