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Baylor, UC Irvine Postgame Quotes

March 3, 2012

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On Trent Blank altering the short start idea …
“When I talk about length of starts, I'm talking about number of pitches, and my gosh, the guy threw 80 pitches in seven innings. I did think seriously about taking him out after five, because at the start of the sixth he was right in the middle of the order, it was the left-handers, and it was either go to Crayton (Bare) then or basically wait through the order one more time. Trent got through it that inning, so it was kind of an inning-by-inning basis after the fifth.”

On Crayton Bare and Kolt Browder
“They were very effective. Kolt came in and threw strikes, got his outs, got it done very quickly. Crayton really only had to face the one guy with nobody on and a tie ball game, but he got it done. And he's the benefactor of those runs.”

On losing the first game …
“We lost the first game, and there's lots of ways to lose it. I thought their guy was exceptional. I thought he pitched to the park, he pitched to the conditions. If we're playing it like the conditions were in the second game, not that we would win the game, but it would have been a different game. There were some balls that were really well-struck that didn't get anywhere. I like a lot of things about the way we're playing right now. As much as anything, I like the fact that we're playing hard, running the bases hard. Guys are hooked up at the plate, not giving up a lot of at-bats. Making routine plays and making a lot of plays look routine that aren't. Cal Towey is making a lot of plays at third base that are not easy plays. He's showing how accurate and strong his arm is.”

On Max Garner as a starting pitcher …
“Max has got some good stuff. Pitchers are like hitters, in some respects. They're up and down a little bit. We'll just see how it goes. He really didn't throw that badly, if we can get him out of the inning. When he left with the bases loaded, he ended up getting stuck with all those runs. His line looks a little bit worse than it was, because he had stayed out of the big inning until that point. I thought today, honestly, was the best he has thrown. He came out and punched out the side in the first inning and was good to go, which is kind of the reverse of what he's been doing. He's been starting slow and finishing strong. Today he started really strong and I didn't think he necessarily lost it. I just think they're pretty good and the second time through, they started seeing more of it.”

On Lawton Langford as a sort of second lead-off guy at the bottom of the order …
“He's playing the game so well offensively right now, not just from a swinging it standpoint, but from bunting, moving runners, drawing walks, taking bases. He's playing the game really, really well from the offensive side, and it doesn't make a whole lot of difference if it's right or left on the mound. He's a good enough bunter that he can put a lot of pressure on a left-handed pitcher with the bunt game. He's not defenseless, and that's another part of our lineup right now … Even Cal Towey is doing a really nice job. He's got a really high strikeout number, but he's got a high walk number to go along with it. I know he's not happy with his day, but again, you've got to focus on the process. You can't really control everything, and he hit some balls really hard today.”

Senior C/RHP Joey Hainsfurther

On being patient at the plate:
“He had really been throwing the ball well, but obviously with those couple guys before me he started struggling, so I told myself to take until I get a strike, unless it’s just something really fat down the middle of the plate. I was able to spit on a couple of off-speed pitches away and he got behind and never got back into it.”

On salvaging the split for the day:
“At the end of the first game, we told ourselves we’ve got to change stuff up because we weren’t ready to play in the first game and it showed. We got it handed to us. That kid that threw for them was a good pitcher and shoved it to us, so we told ourselves we’ve got to figure out a way to play better.”

On the way Trent Blank has been pitching:
“It’s unbelievable, that’s about it. Hopefully he keeps it up all year, because he is a big tool for us right now.”

Senior RHP Trent Blank

On a career long start:
“That’s baseball. I had a rough inning there, but I got in the groove, started throwing strikes and letting the defense work, and that’s what happens.”

On being efficient and not having to use as many pitches:
“With my new arm slot it’s definitely been key, especially since my off-speed hasn’t been too good lately. Just pounding the zone and (Josh) Ludy does a great job, so it’s just defense. Our hitters are scoring runs early, and there’s nothing more you can ask for.”

On salvaging the split:
“That’s just a great job of sticking to our process and our mindset of just going one game at a time. We put that game behind us and came out strong the second one.”

On what to expect against Lamar tomorrow:
“There will definitely be a different atmosphere tomorrow, but tip the cap to him (Jonathan Dziedzic), he did a good job.”



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