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LA Tech-Baylor Post-Game Quotes

March 5, 2013

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BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On seeing four errors in an inning with none made by an infielder:

"That's not as interesting as seeing three errors committed in one guy's at-bat, and having him still get on base. [I have] probably not [ever seen that before]. Nor have I seen a pitcher face two positions in the order, but a total of four hitters. It's like we say, when you come to the ball park there's no telling what you'll see on any given night.

On balancing the walks given up by BU pitchers:

"You have to consider who we have out there, and how much they've been out there. I thought Sean [Spicer], for his second career start and as much as he struggled, he didn't spit up the bed. He got us through five innings. [Josh] Michalec came in and got a big out when he came in and then was able to get a few more outs behind it. I think [Bobby] McCormick, at the point of the game I used him was probably not the best time, but he was my one lefty that was up. They forced his hand a bit; he got the one out and then had a couple walks in there. I thought Ryan [Smith] looked pretty sharp. I thought he had the best stuff I've seen him have."

On Towey's eight straight games with an RBI:

"He's given us competitive at-bats. He puts a little fear in them. The left side of the infield is really solid. That's the part of the game that goes unnoticed a lot. You have to catch it and throw it to not beat yourself. And I think that's how we won this game. We caught the ball and we didn't beat ourselves."

BU Outfielder Nathan Orf

On his continued hot hitting:

"I'm trying to just keep it real simple. The more I can limit thoughts, the better I can hit. I'm trying to square up as many balls as I can and have an approach to the middle of the field. That way if I get beat I can hit to right field and if I'm out front I hit to left. I've had some good luck too. Baseball's a crazy game. You can square up a bunch and line out, and sometimes they find holes. I'm enjoying the ride right now and trying to keep it simple and keep putting good swings on the ball."



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