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LA Tech-Baylor Game Two Post-Game Quotes

March 6, 2013

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BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On the pitching in today's game:

"Both Ashby and Browder were pretty sharp today. It is obvious Sterling has a good arm. He has nice stuff. He gave up the home run, the double and had a fielding error, but he is learning on the job. You have still got to be encouraged with the stuff that he has got. We are just trying to get it done with what we have. Everybody is going to get their chance; they just have to be ready. Tonight, Browder got his chance, and Ashby got another chance and both were up to it. We are not short of bodies, we have just been short of performers and these last two days we have got some decent performances."

On LA Tech's Relief pitcher Caleb Dudley:

"He competed. He got the ball and came at you. To me, just watching him, he didn't give our batters a lot of time to breath. When we got in the box he was ready to come. I liked watching him actually. I thought they would eventually take him out just because I thought that we were wearing him down , but they rolled the dice and stayed with him."

On playing five games in five days:

"This time of year you want to play as often as you can without beating yourself up and without missing a bunch of class. I do think there are some positives in not playing as well. You also need the opportunity to regroup and correct some things. The hitters will tell you they want to play every day and the more they see it the better they get, and I think that is true. We don't have just a tremendous amount of depth so it does grind on you, but that is the nature of most college baseball teams."

BU First Baseman Duncan Wendel

On the walk-off hit in his last at-bat:

"I was really hoping for a fastball because he had been throwing me sliders all game. Luckily, I was able to get a fastball and was able to do something with it."

On the team having a few come from behind wins:

"We are gaining a ton of confidence really. It is great to have more than one guy getting the hits and a lot of people on base and those are necessary for these games."

BU Reliever Doug Ashby

On his performance tonight:

"I felt pretty good. I thought my ball had a little more sink than normal and we were able to work a few more fastballs. We just tried to keep it down in the zone. Coach [Trevor] Mote called a good game and [Matt] Menard and [Nate] Goodwin did a good job of framing some of those for me."

On the strength of the bullpen:

"We have a lot of guys out in the bullpen and a lot of unheralded names, but we have a lot of guys who contribute and do their role. That is something Mote preaches to us, to be individuals. He does not want cookie-cutter pitchers. My role is to get ground balls, keep the ball down and get strikes and that is what I was able to do. Kolt Browder's role is to come out and pound fastballs and that is what he was able to do and was successful at that. When you have that many options in the bullpen it makes it a lot easier for coaches to match guys up against teams that work well."



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