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UI-BU Post-Game Quotes

March 8, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On Ryan Smith's ninth inning:

"The first pitch of the inning was all I needed to see, really. You have a one-run lead and we don't know if they are taking a strike there or not but we need to find out. He kind of put himself in a bind - they didn't even hit a ball out of the infield and he winds up giving up two runs. The only one that will stew over this more than me is him. That's just the way he is."

Statement on the game:

"Our guys played well. We had some really, really big time defensive plays. I thought we competed at the plate. Thought Dillon was outstanding after the first inning. It was just a close game and in a close game the little things get magnified. I give them credit. They got things going early in a very close ball game."

BU Starting Pitcher Dillon Newman

On retiring 19 in a row:

"As long as I'm moving the barrel, my defense is making plays and I'm getting them back in the dugout. That's all I try to do."

Comparing tonight to last week's Cal game:

"My stuff was there, just as good I think. But, Illinois, they were free swingers. I'm a strike thrower, so if I'm a hitter facing me I'm going to go up there and swing."

On the first inning home run:

"The guy who actually hit the home run did it on a cutter inside. I made a good pitch, I am a D-I pitcher just like he is a D-I hitter, he hit a good pitch."

BU Left Fielder Adam Toth

On his ability to hustle balls down in the outfield:

"In the beginning of the year Coach Smith talked to me and Orf and decided to switch us just based on getting to balls and being able to hold people off second. I did a good job and it paid off."



On the quick turnaround to tomorrow:

"Just have to forget about it, play the first game tomorrow, worry about that one and when the second one comes we'll worry about that."

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