Postgame Quotes: Baylor 8, Louisiana Tech 4

March 10, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the pitching performance from his team:
"It was really good to see Tyler (Bremer) be effective. He has been scuffling a little bit coming out of the bullpen. It's his first start and I thought he threw well. I thought Max (Garner) was outstanding. That is just such an inspiring thing: to see how far he has come since being ill for a whole year. His stuff was very, very good."

On the long homestand:
"I think the guys are excited about playing. I mean for one thing they are not in class, so all they have to do is think about this. They love to play and I think that kind of showed tonight. We came out and they were ready to play and I think they will be ready to play tomorrow. Literally in this game every day is such a new day and if you are going to be really good then consistency is the reason why you are good. What we need to be focused on is just being consistent."

On the way his team is playing:
"We just focus one game at a time and I do like the way we have been playing particularly defensively. The error in sixth was such a rare error for us in the infield. Our errors have been basically in the outfield and on the mound which should be the place you have the fewest. I really, really think we are playing well. We just need to get going pitching. We will go as far as our pitching takes us and that is what needs to continue to improve and I think it will."

On moving Chris Slater up in the order:
"It wasn't as much moving him into the four hole as it was just getting Josh Ludy out of the lineup today. I just didn't want to jumble everybody else around, so that is just where he was and obviously he had a great night. He was seeing the ball really well. That is the way he swung it on Tuesday as well. That is a big plus. That is a big pick up right there to get a guy that has not been playing a whole lot to give you the kind of production that he has given us the last couple of games."



Junior RHP Tyler Bremer

On the first few innings:
"I just got after them with my fastball. All week we just worked on keeping the fastballs down and that is what I did. I was able to just let my defense work and I thought that if I could just get ground balls then that was better than getting a guy out with five pitches."

On his confidence in the defense:
"It feels like they did all of the work. It takes all the pressure off of you as a pitcher. You don't have to try to strike everyone out and you can just throw one pitch and those guys will get after it for you."

Senior DH Chris Slater

On how well he has been seeing the ball in the last two games:
"Well I got off to a pretty slow start this year. Monday I was able to get in the cages with Coach (Trevor) Mote and was able to work on a few things and make adjustments and just try to stay together mentally. I have been seeing the ball really well the last couple of days. Just been working on trying to stick with a good approach and stay positive and it has been paying off."

On what adjustments he made to improve offensively:
"They were all just minor things. I think the biggest focus was just staying together mentally. Slumps are a part of this game, but they are especially tough to deal with when you jump into one this early in the season. I made a few adjustments with my stride and a few pre-pitch stuff to simplify my swing and get back to the basics."

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