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Postgame Quotes (Baylor 9, Illinois-Chicago 7)

March 12, 2010

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Head coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"Aside from (Max) Muncy's Grand Slam early, I really don't think we did much to produce anything. They pretty much gave it to us. Defensively, they just had some problems in the outfield. I don't really know why or what. A couple of balls were tough chances, trying to make a play in center field, losing a ball in the lights in right. There were a couple others that I am pretty sure they are disappointed in. I just don't feel like we played very well. It was an ugly game for us. I thought we got out-competed by them and we are just very fortunate to win."

On winning the game:
"We are not too proud. We will take a win anyway we can get one, because it is a long season and we are going to play very well some days and not win. Yes, it is good to get a win when you don't play well, but it also makes you want to get out here and play tomorrow and make sure we know what we are doing, we put a good effort on the field and really compete the way we can. This is just a really different atmosphere here right now than I have seen probably in the 10-plus years of the ballpark. It's just a very different atmosphere, and we are just going to have to play well. We are going to have to play very well."

On how the atmosphere at Baylor Ballpark is different:
"It's dead. I mean it is a morgue and it has never been this way since the ballpark has been built. We just have got to generate the atmosphere. We've got to play well. There are some places and there are some days when the atmosphere at the park will bring out your best play. We are going to have to bring out our best play now. I think that is the only way it is going to happen."

On Shawn Tolleson's performance:
"I thought he had one bad inning. He made some choices on what he threw. He had a plan and he got burned on it by that four-hole hitter when he challenged him 3-2 with a fastball with the bases loaded. I thought what showed what Shawn is made of was the next two innings. He went back out there and was really, really good. I think at one stretch he struck out four in a row - just really good. I thought he had done well to get through a 40-something pitch inning and then he went out there and put two zeroes up. That showed me a whole lot. I thought he really stepped up right there."


Junior Pitcher Shawn Tolleson

On the win:
"That is what we are out here to do is to win games and that is what we did."

On the Illinois-Chicago lineup:
"They had some good hitters. I left a few balls over the plate and they took good swings on them and they didn't miss them."

On the offense's production:
"We had a few innings there where we fell asleep, I thought offensively, but we played pretty good defense all day and we came back and won."

On the third inning:
"I think I fell behind in the count on every hitter that inning, and so when I did that I had to make a pitch, trying to throw a strike, and I just left a few over the plate. Fell behind, had a couple walks, and that is what hurt me."


Freshman First Baseman Max Muncy

On his Grand Slam:
"He just threw me a fastball and I hit it. At first I just thought it was going to the right fielder and it carried a little bit more than I expected, so I will take it."

On the offensive production:
"That pitcher did not have anything extremely good. I thought we were all seeing the ball pretty well and for the most part putting pretty good swings on the ball."



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