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Postgame Quotes (Baylor 15, Illinois-Chicago 2)

March 14, 2010

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Head coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"We are going to talk a lot about the offense I am sure, but I think that Willie (Kempf) was able to survive today from the first inning on just on shear determination and guts. I thought we played well behind him except for the one inning, but he didn't have great command. He didn't have great stuff, but he kind of willed his way through it. I thought he got better as it went along. There are other days when you won't fair as well, but I thought he did a nice job. It was really good to see us come out and swing the bats as well as we did today."

On Willie Kempf:
"He is not out there in a panic for one thing. He is a veteran guy. He is as frustrated with his inability to put the ball where he wants to as anybody else, but he is also pretty aware of the adjustments and things he needs to do differently. We made some significant changes after about two innings, because we had gone through the order one time in the first two innings. The third time through the order we changed up the whole pitch routine and what we were doing. He found some comfort in it. He was throwing way more strikes and missing the barrel. They put some balls in play, but weren't really squaring them up. Aside from that one inning where you have the two missed plays on the left side, everything was pretty good."

On Joey Hainsfurther:
"Joey got us going very early. When you see right-handed hitters barreling up balls to right field - Joey did it today early in the game, Raynor (Campbell) did it, DalPorto did it a couple of times - there is nothing more telling about a guy having a good approach than that."

On Abel Baker:
"First at-bat he battled really well and got a two-strike hit, but once he got that left-hander out of the game his day got a little better. Abel does a nice job behind the plate. Kind of a spot start for him with (Josh) Ludy still dealing with his hamstring and (Gregg) Glime is starting to acquire the reputation of a 50-year-old body, but he is kind of nicked up. With a week off from competition, you've got some days here, maybe we can take advantage of and get some of the walking wounded a little fresher. Gregg has been playing with some nicks and could have played today. Certainly had this been Sunday in conference, he definitely would have played. It was a good opportunity to give him a day and see what Abel could do and it is sure encouraging to see what Abel did."

Sophomore Infielder Joey Hainsfurther

On seeing the ball pretty well right now:
"I am feeling good up there. It helps having people in front of me who are getting on base and hitting the ball just as well as I am. We have been fortunate to put the ball in play when we needed to and it is helping the team out a lot."

On the players beginning to understand their role:
"We don't have the home runs coming for us anywhere near like we had last year or what has been at Baylor in the past. What we have had to figure out is what is our role as a team and execute that as a small-ball team not just waiting on the home runs to come for us."

On the team's win streak:
"It has been great. This home stretch has been nice, so that has been good to get us on a roll, and hopefully we will carry it into conference play."



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