Postgame Quotes: Baylor 7, Florida International 6 (11 innings)

March 15, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On getting his 600th win:
"I think these kind of accomplishments are relative. I mean how many games did you play? I think it is a lot like Cy Young's win record, it is not ever going to be broken. Having said that I feel very blessed to have been able to share these with pretty much the same coaching staff and I just feel like the Lord has blessed me with some very good players and a great family. I don't know how many losses we had to go through, but it is a bunch. I just feel blessed."

On Max Garner's pitching:
"He was very good. I thought (Brad) Kuntz was the key in the middle there. He was the one who was able to settle us down and started putting some zeroes up. He was shaky his first inning as well but he got an out and then gave up an infield hit on two strikes and then he hit the next guy on two strikes. When you start putting runners on even when you are two strikes away from the end of the inning, they are going to score. But he settled down and came out in the next inning and was able to punch out the side. That is really encouraging to see him be able to do that."

On heading into conference play on a seven game win streak:
"I don't think in terms of streaks and I don't think the team does either. We have talked about handling success and that is a challenge. You pick your poison, what do you want to handle, winning or losing. And the game will humble us, we will lose. We just need to do a good job when we have opportunities to win and continue to do what the game asks us to do."

Junior OF/RHP Brooks Pinckard

On how the team approaches being down in a game:
"Honestly, whenever you go down four nothing in the first inning your mood totally changes and it really shouldn't. We try our best not to let it bother us but luckily it is a nine inning game and tonight we fought back and got the win."

On pitching to win the game:
"I honestly didn't think I was going to come in right there. Coach was staring me down in center field and I was like, `Alright, I guess they are going to put me in so I got out there.' I felt really good. I have felt really good the last couple of days and luckily it showed on the mound today."

Senior OF Chris Slater

On the way the game ended:
"That was great. It was just a great team effort and we fought through an early deficit and just battled back. We had some great pitchers come in there and just do a great job later on in the game. These games are just fun to be a part of."

On the team's mentality when they get down early :
"Well we just have to stick to the process. We just wanted to keep scratching back and get the most out of every at bat. It is easy to get down on yourself when you fall behind early but you just have to realize that there is a lot of time left and a lot can happen in nine innings."



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