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Postgame Quotes (Baylor 6, UT Arlington 1)

March 22, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the pitching:
"No. 1, we all threw strikes and just didn’t walk anybody. The run Jon gave up was a 3-2 changeup and he got it up a little bit. But any other day, that’s not going to leave the park. But they all threw pretty good. Kolt made a mistake on the first hitter of the inning that kind of put him behind the 8-ball a little bit, and he worked really hard to get those two strikeouts. I wanted to stay Garner at the end of the game like that and see what he looked like, and obviously he came in the game and had pretty good stuff."

On the potential for Max Garner to close games:
"We’ve got to get better at the back of ball games, obviously. We’ve learned that. We split this one up a little bit. Jon went as far as I thought he could go, and the other guys just did their job. They didn’t have to do anything unbelievable. Kuntz went out and got his three outs. If he had labored to do that, I would have made a change then, but he really worked pretty easy and got three more outs, and then I made the change. I think that’s going to be maybe the method moving forward for a little while."

On the offense:
"It wasn’t a great day for us offensively, but it was good to see Chris Slater swing it pretty good. He didn’t have a great Saturday and Sunday, for sure. But it was good to see that out of him. Pinckard brings it every game. He’s one of the guys that you don’t have to flip a coin. You know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you get things you don’t even expect, like him scoring on that. That’s really incredible. We just need more guys to kind of bring their game on a more consistent basis like he’s been doing."

Junior Catcher Joey Hainsfurther

On the pitchers:
"It was good for Ringenberg to get out there and get back to work, like we know he can. It was definitely positive to see his arm like it was. He had a live arm today, his velocity was up. His fastball and changeup was pretty much all he used today, and he was just getting them off-balance, throwing strikes, filling the zone up and making them put the ball in play when he needed to and getting outs. So that was very positive. We didn’t expect him to go very long today, since it was his first outing back from a minor injury, I guess. And the bullpen came out and did a great job of just filling up the zone. We didn’t have any walks. And I’m not sure how many strikeouts we had, but I know when we got behind in the count, we made them put the ball in play. And that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re not trying to go for a strikeout when you’re 3-0. For them to come back several times like they did and get them to put the ball in play, that was very positive for us to see."

On responding after losses:
"I don’t know if we needed to respond, I think we expected to respond. As a team, everybody knew we had a tough weekend and it was an emotional weekend. And it’s pretty hard to come back and really be fired up to play a Tuesday game. And I think we did a pretty good job of that. I think we came out, swung it all right, pitched it really well, played defense, and I think guys were in it. So that was positive to see. Luckily we came out with a win. If we would have lost today, I don’t think it’s the end of our season. We still have a big series this weekend, and it’s good to have a win going into that. So hopefully we’re on a roll and we’ll have a good practice tomorrow and Thursday and we’ll be ready to go this weekend."

Senior RHP Jon Ringenberg

On how he felt:
"I felt good, pretty much overall. It’s definitely been a while, I think two weeks ago was the last time I had been on the mound. I was just excited to get back. I had been working on it all week, trying to get healthy and just work on different things. So I was just glad to be able to come back and be on the mound again and throw in a game."

On playing a bigger role as a weekend starter:
"I would love to. I think that was kind of the plan early on, throwing on Saturdays and stuff. I would have liked to have stayed in that role. But this kind of put me back a little bit, but that’s definitely the goal. Whether he wants me to be a starter or reliever or whatever the plan is – weekends, Tuesdays, whatever it is – I just want to be able to get out there and help our team win."



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