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March 25, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith:

On the importance of winning today's game:

"You don't talk about must-win games, or over-state the importance of a game or series; but obviously after such a difficult loss yesterday, today was going to be interesting. You get an opportunity to redefine yourself; as tough as yesterday's loss was, at least these guys can walk away from the weekend knowing that they won a series. That's something that this group of guys had yet to do."

On Beamer Weems' defense:

"The guy plays defense, and he makes all of the routine plays. You don't always get a bunch of those at shortstop, and he makes a lot of the tough ones. You guys only get to watch him in games, but I get to watch him in practice. He does some things in practice that would scare you to death if he tried them in a game, but it's the kind of stuff that the guys at the highest level of the game are doing. That's the kind of defensive ability he's got.

"I don't know that I've ever seen a guy who I really thought grew up loving defense more than offense, but I think that's him. Most guys go grab a bucket of balls and want somebody to throw BP to them. He goes and grabs a bucket of balls and wants you to hit ground balls to him. That's pretty unusual."

On Weems' offense:

"He had some good at-bats. He's gotten bigger, he's gotten stronger and he's just getting more experienced as a hitter. The thing that Beamer knows he's got to continue to work on is coming in focused every day."

On the error that started Baylor's 12-run fourth inning:

"That got it started. We missed a sign the pitch before, but you can't beat dumb luck. We missed about three signs today. That doesn't show up in a box score, but that's really frustrating this deep into a season. We've got a lot of growing up to do when it comes to the little things."



On Kendal Volz's pitching:

"I thought that was as significant as anything. We needed him to get through five innings, not just for us, but for him. He took it to the mound today pretty well, and we played decent behind him. He got behind in some counts, but he fought from behind and got some outs, and he was able to keep putting zeros up on the board."


Baylor sophomore shortstop Beamer Weems:

On going 5-for-5 today and 9-for-13 on the weekend:

"I saw the ball a lot better this weekend and took advantage of some pitches, so I felt pretty comfortable up there."

On how they bounced back from yesterday's loss:

"It was great. It just seemed like we kind of forgot about last night, but we were actually kind of mad about it. We just played as hard as we could and came out with a win, so it's always good to do that."

On the team playing better as the year goes along:

"We just started working real hard in practice and working a lot on hitting. It just seems like we're starting to gel a little bit, and I think as the year goes on we'll keep getting better."

On the importance of today's game:

"We definitely didn't want to lose two series in a row. Winning today and winning the series was definitely good. I think we'd have a lot different attitudes if we'd lost today, and we don't want that."


Baylor senior catcher Matt Czimskey:

On bouncing back from yesterday's loss:

"It was good for us to come out and have a really big inning like we did after yesterday's tough loss. Yesterday was kind of tough on us because we played so well, and we should've won a few times, but it was good to come out and play well today."

On taking the series 2-1:

"It's always good to win a series in the Big 12. No matter who you play, it's always going to be tough."

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