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March 26, 2008

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Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On tonight's game:

"The thing that allowed us to win the game even with giving up that many hits is the fact that we did not give them a lot of bases. We didn't have a lot of walks and we only made the one error. If we give them some bases in this game, then we have a hard time winning it."

On the offense getting back on track:

"It's not great, but it's better. We needed to get well. We had an opportunity to do that, and certainly we've got some guys who are feeling a lot better about themselves than they were on Monday."

On Beamer Weems drawing four walks:

"Beamer's done better. He had four walks today, and when he's doing that it's a good sign. He's not trying to do too much, he's willing to take the walk, and that's a really good sign for him."

On Brooks Kimmey's performance:



"For a guy that sits over here and does not play much, he does get some pretty timely hits. The first one he had was a two-out double with two strikes. He came up with some pretty timely hits, and he had to work had in the game. There were a lot of pitches thrown in this game which means there were a lot of pitches to be caught and a lot of pitches to be blocked. He did a really good job with that."

On Mace Thurman's performance:

"It was critical. Fortunately, Mace was on his game. Their guys put on a clinic hitting with two strikes. They did a really good job of going the other way, and we were playing back with the wind blowing out so hard, so there was a lot of room out there. A lot of balls fell in front of us. We didn't give up a lot of extra-base hits. Clearly the performance that Mace gave us was the key to the game."

Baylor sophomore 3B Shaver Hansen:

On tonight's game:

"After the weekend we needed to bring out confidence back up. We got our share of hits, which was good, but we can still get better. Today's game kind of told that story."

On the Baylor offensive performance:

"Everybody's in there taking solid at bats, and they're having more confidence up there with a better approach.  It's good for us. When you get up there and there's tough pitching, all you can do is believe in yourself."

On going back on the road against Oklahoma this weekend:

"Hopefully this weekend we'll go up there with better approaches and swing the bats. We know our pitching is going to do well, so we just need to keep it together with hits at the right times to score some runs. We have a good enough team that we should come out with a win this weekend."

Baylor sophomore RF Aaron Miller:

On the Baylor offense:

"We definitely swung the bats pretty well. The last two days we put up quite a bit of hits, so we're feeling good going into Oklahoma knowing that we're swinging pretty well up and down our lineup. The way our starters have been throwing, they're going to keep us in the game, so we're feeling pretty good."

On winning a high-scoring game:

"You really can't ever have enough runs. Credit their hitters; they came out and swung the bats. You don't get 17 hits by being lucky. They swung the bats, and we had to do the same, but we scored a little more than they did, so we came out with the W."

On traveling to Oklahoma this weekend:

"Any time you're going to somebody else's field here in the Big 12, there's going to be a lot of fans. They're definitely going to have the home-field advantage, but if we want to win, we're going to have win on the road. We're going to have to beat other teams at their places, and if we can do that then we'll be a legitimate contender."

Baylor junior LHP Mace Thurman:

On Texas A&M - Corpus Christi's offense:

 "They were a good hitting team. I was told to just come out there and compete and do what I could to get outs. They were a very competitive team.

On his pitching tonight:

"The guys were hitting the fastball, and both coaches (Clemons and Smith) were telling me not to be scared to throw the fastball even though they're hitting it. I started working the off-speed, and that's what worked today. The off-speed pitch kept them off-balance, but they still put good swings on it, and it was just a competitive game."

On the upcoming series against Oklahoma:

"That's a big series. We need to win this series, but Oklahoma's a great team. Any team in the Big 12 is great, and we need to go in there and just compete. It should be a great series, but we're looking to win."

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