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BU-KSU Post Game Quotes

March 28, 2013

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BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On if this loss is a tough one to take:

"No doubt, we had a royal opportunity there after Cal got the leadoff triple and [DalPorto] got hit by the pitch. Credit their guys. They put a couple freshmen out there that when they came into the game really competed, really controlled the game. I thought they competed well. I hate to say that we didn't compete but the games all about execution and they out-did us tonight. "

On if players are pressing:

"Maybe some. Sometimes I think that in some situations we're just asking more than someone is able. We're trying to put guys in situations where they can be successful. Even the first inning of the game -- we got a run out of it, but we we're trying to sacrifice bunt with someone who's a returning player but we just look lost. But a hitter later, that one turned into a swinging bunt that the pitcher threw away and that allowed us to score. That's the kind of stuff that as a coach I can say we either are not locked in or we're just not very good. But you know, we played a one-run game. Honestly, it should've been tied. Crayton [Bare] for sure tried to do too much. He's trying to make a play that's not there, and I think if he doesn't throw that, the way he was pitching, we would've probably stranded that runner and then we'd still be playing right now. But guys are trying to make plays and trying to sometimes do too much. Back to whether guys are pressing, I think clearly that's what Crayton did there. He was trying to make a play."

On bouncing back tomorrow night:

"We're playing a team that's very hungry. We're playing a crowd that's really hungry. They've come down here to win and they're into it. I'm going to do what I can as a coach to try and get our guys into it. It would help if I had a few more players to help get us into it. Honestly, we need some noise out here. We need some people who want to win the game too. Enough said about that. We have to play harder, we have to play better. It was a one-run game; so be it."



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