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Postgame Quotes: Lamar 7, Baylor 3

March 30, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game tonight:
"I just thought we were bad pitching and that just set the tone. We got a really crisp top of the first but it just went downhill from there. If anyone looked at the stats, the first two guys that they threw had a ton of walks coming in but they also had a bunch of strike outs. It's hard to get good swings on them. I thought the guys that followed them were able to command the strike zone and we weren't able to find anyone who could do that."

On the amount walks in the game tonight:
"We are just not going to win games like that. I know our players know that, and I know that our pitchers involved know that. They have pitched a ton. Why we walk so many batters, I don't know. It's certainly not the intimidating atmosphere. We are at home and I am kind of curious to see what is going to happen with a couple of them when we do play somewhere where the crowd is a factor. Right now we just have some young guys on the mound."

On Dan Evatt bating in the DH spot:
"I thought Evatt swung the bat pretty well, and that is good to see. It is also good to see Cal Towey get a couple of hits and kind of get himself going a little bit. Hopefully we are seeing what we saw last year with him, where he got off to a slow start and then when he finally got going he was really good. Confidence is everything, and I would like to instill some in some of our guys. We have a few who look like they just don't have any confidence."

On facing the first Big 12 road games this weekend:
"Kansas is not going to have any sympathy for us coming in. They don't care about our record. Every team will go through things like this. We talked about it a couple weeks ago when Houston Baptist was 0-15 and they beat TCU. Earlier this year I sat here and watched A&M Corpus Christi beat University of Texas in Austin. That is one thing about this league, we all play a lot of the Southland Conference teams and they get their wins. This is better non-conference play than a lot of our peers face, but that really doesn't have anything to do with walking 10 guys. The pitching right now for us is an issue."



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