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BU-KSU Post Game Quotes

March 30, 2013

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BU Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:

"It is a real big win. I think one of the reasons it's big is because Kansas State is pretty good. They play hard, they've got talented guys up and down the lineup and they're more than adequate on the mound. We overcame a few turnovers earlier in the ballgame. We gave them, maybe not a touchdown but we gave them some points. Crayton [Bare] was a huge key to come into the game and be able to hold it for a while. Then when we got it tied up we had a new game."

On Austin Stone's performance:

"Austin [Stone], sometimes we'd like to see a little more fire in his belly but it's there, he just doesn't show it. I think he has such a calm demeanor that not only do we feel comfortable watching him but the hitters do too. He did a good job and did a much better job than he's been doing with runners on base. He had the fresh arm, he had the 90-plus on the third game of a series when bats were going to be a little slow."

On Jake Miller's day:

"Jake [Miller] hadn't been real productive with two strikes but he was today. He got a two-strike RBI that ended up being the difference in the game.

On playing at home:

"My sense today was that nobody likes to play badly. But today was really just trying to win. We aren't looking at the scoreboard and you can't change what's up there. We just stayed focused, in the moment, made plays, used our at-bats and used every opportunity you've got to score as many as you can. We're playing at home and that's the advantage of playing at home."

BU Pitcher Austin Stone

On facing a tough Kansas State lineup:

"Every ball they contact is hit hard and is going somewhere. So, you really have to focus on where you put the ball."

On what the win does for the team:

"It's an energy booster for us, going out and having fun everyday, competing and playing the game one pitch at a time."

BU Short Stop Jake Miller

On his batting:

"It felt great. I've been coming up with a lot of opportunities with runners in scoring position with two outs and I haven't really come through for the team. But, I am glad I could today because those runs were important."

On playing from behind:

"Last year, we played from behind a lot. I think them putting a couple runs across the plate put a little fire under us. 3-0, that's not really a bad deficit. We know we can overcome it, we just have to keep grinding and let our at bats get better throughout the game."

On getting a conference series win at home:

"You have to win the series at home, you have to protect the house. I'm glad we had some fans here to help us and if feels great. Every conference win is huge and we have to take every one that we can get."

On what this win does for the team:

"Baseball is contagious. Having the lead-off guy on, I think the chances go up 80 percent that they're going to score and the more you hit, the more the other guys see you hitting. It's just contagious, that's how the team was last year and I'm trying to let the youngsters get a feel for it. Help them realize that no deficit is too much and that you can always overcome it."



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