Postgame Quotes

April 2, 2008

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Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On tonight's game:

"The guys didn't quit. We just didn't pitch well enough to win the game, and we didn't really swing the bats well enough to win."

On the team's performance:

"We haven't hit for any consistency at all, and honestly we're not pitching all that well either. We're walking way too many guys, and some of the guys that have been very good in the past are really struggling to make pitches and get outs when we need them. It's just one of those things."

On having too many flyball outs:

"We were working at it. We drew more walks today and we didn't have as many strikeouts. This is a flyball pitcher that they threw against us tonight, so it's going to be doubly hard to keep the ball out of the air against a guy like that, but I thought we worked at it. We're not going to be able to go to no flyballs - that's not going to happen. Our guys are definitely aware of it, and we'll keep working at it."



Baylor sophomore RHP Wade Mackey:

On his performance:

"In the first inning I felt pretty well, but after that I missed some spots, and I couldn't get my slider to work in some spots when I needed it to."

On what went wrong in the five-run third inning:

"I messed up that first bunt play, then I got into another count where I threw a slider and the guy hit a terrible pitch, and then they got a couple more hits and I just wasn't getting it done. I was missing pitches when I needed to make them."

Baylor junior LF Ben Booker:

On the team's performance:

"It seems like when we're hitting we're not pitching, and when we're pitching, which we've been doing a lot of, we're not hitting. As hitters we really need to step it up. Our team is fighting to figure out who we are right now. We started out like this last year and then we ended really hot, so hopefully we can turn it around and end up like that."

On the offense getting going in the last two innings:

"The way we hit in the last two innings is the way we should come out in the game. We came out lackadaisical - there was no fire or energy in the team. The last two innings we competed. We had a lot of base runners and a lot of opportunities, so if we do that throughout the game we've got a pretty good shot to win."


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