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Postgame Quotes: Kansas 4, Baylor 3

April 2, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"Anytime you lose it is tough, so it's not anymore tough than yesterday or last week. (There are) a lot of what-ifs. I thought Josh (Turley) pitched a lot better than the line will show. Their guy was effective and it looked like everybody pitched pretty well today."

On the pitching performances:
"The pitching was good. The guys took advantage of the strike zone and made pitches. I thought their guys did a pretty good job, particularly the third time through the order with Josh trying to take away the outside part of the plate. They expanded their zone well. Their right-handers have just done a better job of hitting the ball to right field than we have."

On Josh Ludy's RBI double:
"Ludy came up and got to two strikes and the guy hung a breaking ball to him. He got on top of it and hit it into the right-centerfield gap and that gave us a little bit of life. We just need to make a play or a pitch here and there. The thing that does make a game like this tough to lose is you feel like you didn't get beat, you more beat yourself. We didn't make a play in the outfield that I think we clearly had a chance to make. We are in a tie game in the ninth inning and we hit a batter, walk a batter. We were just not in control of the ball on the mound. Everybody is going to go home talking about a borderline pitch call, but there is a bunch of them all throughout the ball game. It doesn't need to come down to one at the end. When you play on the road you don't win by one. You have to play well and you just have to score some runs. We have not been able to do that. I think it is getting to be fairly obvious that we need (Logan) Vick back. We need another left-handed bat in the lineup. The right-handers are just struggling to handle sliders and hit the ball the other way, but we got to play with who we got and we will keep doing it. We will be out here tomorrow ready to play."

On having some opportunities to score:
"We did. This game wasn't about what happened there in the bottom of the ninth, this game was all throughout the ball game. There were a lot of not well hit balls, a lot of routine balls with guys in scoring position. It wasn't a very crisp day at the plate. They'll all go back talking about a ball three that should have been a strike, but that's neither here, nor there. You play a game for nine innings, 27 outs."



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