Postgame Quotes: Baylor 12, Kansas 4

April 3, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the pitching performances:
"Like we talked about pregame this is just not an easy day to pitch with the wind blowing like this and I thought Trent (Blank) did a great job of grinding it out. Both teams had some opportunities and left some guys on. I know we had to have left a ton, but he grinded it out well. I was on the edge of my seat a few times, but he got it done. Then Brad (Kuntz) went in and Brad was pretty interesting, but he has the capability of regrouping and getting back in the strike zone. We got nice plays in the outfield. Dan (Evatt) made a really nice play there in the ninth inning. It's just a gritty effort all the way around."

On his offense:
"Dan had a nice ball game today and a bunch of guys swung the bat pretty well. I think (Cal) Towey looks like he has really gotten it going, which with Logan (Vick) out of the lineup right now, that is pretty important. I thought Joey (Hainsfurther) did a heck of a job behind the plate. He has really gotten better and between he and Josh (Ludy) we are handling that question mark that we talked about at the beginning of the year fairly well."

On his team increasing its hit total:
"The pitching we faced today wasn't what we saw the first two days. That is always going to be the biggest thing. We can be really proud of our hitting, but you don't hit good pitching. That is why I have been so concerned with our pitching, because we have been giving up so many hits. It is what made today a bit more impressive to me: we kept this reasonable in terms of hits allowed and on a day when you are having to play deep in the outfield and your chances of giving up some cheap stuff are pretty good. We just made some good pitches. There weren't a bunch of strikeouts. We had a couple. They had a couple. It was just a baseball game and I thought our guys competed very hard."

Junior Leftfielder Dan Evatt

On the game:
"I had a great time today. It was good to get out here and compete again. I love to compete and I had a lot of fun today. I think from the get go today we went out and swung the bats well. Trent (Blank) did a good job of throwing strikes. We had a comfortable lead. Thankfully, we stretched it out a little more at the end and were a little more comfortable. It was just a good ball game all the way around."

On playing the outfield in the windy conditions:
"It really started in batting practice by just getting a feel for the wind and the way it was going to carry out to left. I think I got a good read on all my balls today."

Junior Pitcher Trent Blank

On the difficulty of pitching in the wind:
"It was miserable. I don't know if it was the wind or me, but the team just kept making plays behind me and Joey (Hainsfurther) called a good game and they gave me a comfortable lead."

On getting a lead early:
"I have been blessed this year to have that lead often and I am just glad I could hold it for them. It really makes it easier to pitch."

On if he felt pressure to win today since the team had lost four straight:
"I tried to let that go. We try to flush every game. We just kept our same mentality and played hard."

On his mentality entering the game:
"My plan was to throw a lot of strikes, it just didn't work out in the beginning innings. I got comfortable in the fourth and just kept throwing a lot of strikes and let my defense work."



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