Postgame Quotes

April 3, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith:

On Cliff Springston's performance:

"I wanted to give him the opportunity to bounce back. He had such a rough one the other day. You don't want a guy to have to carry that around for very long, but it was a quick turnaround for him. He only had a day, so I wasn't quite sure what he would have. But he looked like he got a little better as he went along. He just kept battling, and we were able to get him some runs."

On his decision to pull Wade Mackey in favor of Cliff Springston after four innings:

"(Mackey's) pitch count was high, he'd been through the order twice, and they were at the top of the order. Outside of Ryan Lormand they're left-handed, so it was a good time to run Cliff out there if we were going to do it. He goes 0-2 on (Lormand), and then he plugs him in the head, so it didn't start off very well. He was able to rebound from that and get out of the inning."

On the offense:

"I think we've been swinging the bats pretty well; I thought we swung the bats well at Oklahoma State. This looked like the continuation of that. Sodolak has been swinging the bat really well, and Aaron Miller went the other way to hit the ball out of the park. One day we're going to see him pull some balls that are going to be really special, but he's really doing a good job giving us some quality at bats."

On the remaining schedule:

"Every conference series from here on out is going to be pretty significant. We've got 18 conference games left, but we've already gotten through the top two teams. We certainly can't go and get swept by anybody, and we need to just take it one series at a time and let it be our goal to win that series. The only thing that will keep us from being able to do that is if we lose players. If we lose Weems at shortstop that's going to be a pretty significant blow. These guys want to get experience, but they also want to win, and nobody wants to lose a player of his caliber at this point in the season."




Baylor freshman right fielder Aaron Miller:

On his first-inning home run:

"It was an outside fastball. We've been facing a lot of lefties lately, and we've got a lot of lefties in our lineup, so that's one thing we've been struggling with. We're really starting to come around, and we're starting to hit the ball the other way with authority, and that's what you have to do. I was able to get the pitch and put the right swing on it, and it went out."

On facing left-handed pitchers:

"Earlier in the year it got a little frustrating seeing lefty after lefty, but I think we're a lot more comfortable in the box, and a lot more comfortable with the pitches. We want to get to where it doesn't even matter, and we're not too far off."

On nagging injuries:

"That's baseball. Everybody's got a little bit of nagging things here and there. We've been playing a lot of baseball, and it does that to you. It's just stuff you've got to fight through, and we're doing okay right now."

On bouncing back from last weekend:

"It was a little embarrassing going up there and getting swept like we did. We gave up so many runs and weren't able to hit when we needed to, but we did well tonight. 15 hits and 12 runs is a good start for this weekend. If we can go out and win the series we'll be all right."

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