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BU-DBU Post Game Quotes

April 3, 2013

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BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On getting the game in after yesterday's weather postponement:

"I thought we would get it in. If they would not have been able to play today, we would have gotten it in yesterday. But the forecast seemed better for today. It is important that we play [to avoid a five-day layoff]. We haven't gotten to the point in the season where we are really talking RPI, but our home record to this point isn't very good. That's something that will work against us, and is working against us right now, with RPI. We need to play and we need to win. This weekend is important for us because we don't have that many home games left."

On the defense tonight with turning three double plays:

"I thought the difference in the game was who walked the fewest. We walked a few and made some errors. But they had their hands full and we got the one big hit that was the difference in the game. Sean [Spicer] and Doug [Ashby], for guys who haven't been getting a lot of work, threw the ball well. Aside from that (seventh) inning, we played pretty well behind them."

On moving Cal Towey to the No. 2 spot in the lineup:

"The whole thing with the lineup right now is trying to put guys in places where we can start the runners. We aren't going to hit many doubles so we need guys we can hit-and-run with and try to force some action. That's one thing you can't do with the bases loaded; you have to stand up there and hit. Cal's at-bat was in that situation and was a big hit."

On Doug Ashby's solid performance this season:

"He's one of those guys that has elevated himself into a guy - someone we have a lot of confidence in. He doesn't strikeout a lot of guys but hitters don't get a lot of good contact against him or good swings. There's times when he reminds me [Trent] Blank a little bit the way guys just don't take good swings at him. It's an important thing to have - someone from the left side to go with Crayton [Bare] that we have confidence in."



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