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Postgame Quotes

April 4, 2008

Recap |  Box Score

Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On Kendal Volz's performance:

"He was striking guys out with sliders. He dug down deep a few times - they got runners at first and second with nobody out a couple of times, and he had some situations where the only way he was going to get out of them was going to be to strike some guys out, and he was able to do that."


On Kendal Volz throwing more off-speed pitches:

"We're trying to get them off of his fastball a little bit. Most people come in geared-up for his fastball, and they took some good swings early in the game, but he's got more than one pitch. It'll certainly make his fastball better, and he'll be able to use it more effectively if he's showing them some other things."


On Jon Ringenberg's walk-off walk:

"(He drew the game-winning walk) against a guy who has only walked one guy all year. I didn't think he'd walk a run in right there. The guy made some really good pitches. I'm sitting over there thinking that they've got a guy on the mound with nerves of steel, the bases loaded, 2-0 changeup, and we had a freshman at the plate. That's a pretty tough spot to put a guy in, but I don't create the spots. We needed some guys to step forward and get some things done, and until they're put into those situations, you don't know if they can do it or not. I don't know that Jon necessarily won the at bat, but he didn't lose it. He competed really well up there."



Baylor sophomore RHP Kendal Volz:

On throwing more off-speed pitches:

"I felt really good. These guys are great fastball hitters, so I had to have a second pitch, and if you can get that third pitch working then that helps a lot."




On tying a Baylor Ballpark record for strikeouts by a Baylor pitcher with 12:

"I wasn't trying to strike anyone out. I was just trying to get our defense the ball because they were playing great, but that's just the way it went with the strikeouts."


On the pitch that was hit for a 2-run homer in the eighth inning:

"It was a mistake by me and it got them back in the game, but our guys fought back and came back, so that was really good. It was going to be a strike because I wanted to get ahead in the count, but he just did a great job of hitting, so you have to give him credit."



Baylor sophomore RF Aaron Miller:

On if a win like this builds confidence for the team:

"It definitely does, and to win it like we did today, where we had to fight for it. That's kind of been the problem right now - we haven't been fighting a lot, and we've rolled over a couple of times. For us to come out and fight and to have to come back against their closer to win it, it's more than words can say what this did for the team."


On his ninth-inning double that moved the winning run to third base:

"That's what you live for. To be up in the bottom of the ninth in a tie game or down, or with a couple of outs, every hitter lives for that. If that's not what you're looking for then I don't think you should be playing the game. If I'm going to be put in there, I want to succeed."



Baylor freshman OF Jon Ringenberg:

On pinch hitting with a chance to win the game in the bottom of the ninth:

"It was a little nerve-wracking, but I was just glad to know that coach had the confidence in me to put me in that position. That just motivated me to go up and get the job done."


On fouling off three pitches before drawing the game-winning walk:

"It was definitely a battle. He was throwing everything away, and I was just trying to get a pitch that I could drive. I knew that if I could just get it out of the infield that it would at least score the run. I was trying to get a pitch, he was keeping it low, and I just tried to battle and foul a couple off. It worked out."


On the importance of this game:

"We've been struggling, so it was nice to come out here and see Kendal (Volz) throw well, and to see our offense come back again to start getting some hits and scoring some runs. Hopefully we can keep it up from here on."

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