Postgame Quotes (Baylor 12, Texas State 3)

April 6, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the performance of Kolt Browder:
"I thought it was so much fun to watch as a coach. He came into the game with runners on first and second and nobody out and he left the inning with nobody scoring. I am just proud of him. He threw strikes and had two good pitches while working both sides of the plate. He had the presence of someone not working out there for his (third) college win. I think he sent a message. One of the things that we talked about before the game was needing someone to come in and turn off the faucet. We've had problems with that, particularly on the weekends. I think he kind of answered the bell. I think he made a pretty powerful statement."

On the Texas State pitching:
"(Brian Borski) was good early. He has a really good changeup and it took us one time through the order before we started to see that a little bit better. I think he was really good to start. That changeup is a good pitch."

On the production of the offense and the freshman:
"Offensively, this group of guys has been really good, particularly if you figure out how young some of them are. It's not golf, you don't get a handicap just because you are young, you still have to go out and do it. They are doing it. I think the fact that they are doing it at such an early point in their career is going to make expectations grow as they get older and they have given us a chance to win right now."

Freshman RHP Kolt Browder

On his performance:
"I came in and I felt really good. It is easy to pitch when you have a lot of confidence in your batters. I think we did great at the plate today."

Freshman Tyler Collins

On his confidence at the plate:
"I feel like I'm seeing the ball well so I am just throwing my bat out there at pitches and trying to put everything into play as best as I can."



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