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BU-WVU Post Game 2 Qutoes

April 6, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On the Bears' pitching:

"I thought Max competed well. It wasn't the best day he's had for stuff but I thought he competed well. When he cracked the door, which he did a couple times with leadoff walks or a hit batter or something, he was able to make pitches and we were making plays behind him. Jake Miller is making a lot of plays look easy at short stop that are not easy. When I see those over and over again I start to wonder who's going to make them next year. He played really well."

On Jake Miller's play so far this year:

"Jake's been here long enough, so you know at the end of the year what you're going to get offensively even though he starts off slow. He'll come and gets better as the season goes along. That's just who he is. When we get good production out of him, and I thought Brett Doe had a good bounce back game for him after last night, we can be pretty good when we're getting that kind of production out of the No. 8-9 hole."

On Crayton Bare's performance out of the bullpen:

"It was a big deal today. I hope we have him for at least an inning or a matchup or something tomorrow. He's a little gimpy right now with a hip flexor deal and we've had to not throw him since his last time out. So not knowing what he would be like going in, he was exceptional. Not every division one pitcher is a model in the off-season, so Crayton is used to the bright lights and the pressure and I think he really relishes in it."

BU Short Stop Jake Miller

On his fielding so far this season:

"I'm not trying to be overly confident but at the same time not overly relaxed. I know the pitchers are trying to get me ground balls. I can hear them from the dugout saying `get Jake a ground ball, get Jake a ground ball,' which is boosting and it feels good. But I'm just trying to stay consistent in the field and not let what happens in the box effect my defense."



On his good day hitting (3-for-3):

"It feels good. Only one of them was legit, but I'll take it, they all go down as good AB's in the stat book. Especially bouncing back after a Friday loss, these Saturday games are kind of like must-wins."

BU Starting Pitcher Max Garner

On his performance:

"I got a blister in the second or third inning and it was a little bit rough to work around. I've never even had a blister on my throwing finger before in my life so I didn't really know how to deal with it. But it was especially about getting the leadoff hitters out, which I did except in the second and third innings. That keeps their offense from moving so if you get the first guy out it takes that away."

On the importance of getting an early lead:

"It's a big confidence booster for everybody to be able to go out there and not have to look to get a lot of strikeouts. By the fifth and sixth we had a little bit of a cushion so that took away a lot of the pressure, especially with the runners on third where I didn't have to go for a strikeout or a swing on a breaking ball that was down."

BU Left Fielder Grayson Porter

On the importance of scoring first on his home run:

"Coming out swinging and getting a lead early is always great for momentum. Getting out there and giving our pitchers a chance to pitch with a lead is always great."

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