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BU-WVU Post Game 3 Quotes

April 7, 2013

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BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On the nine-run second inning off a good pitcher in John Means:

"He's not a softy. The guy was throwing in the upper 80s but wanted to throw more off-speed stuff and turn himself into a fly ball pitcher, and today's not a day you want to be a fly ball guy. We got some breaks during that inning. We hit two balls, Cal [Towey] had one and [Jake Miller] had one, that got in front of the outfielders because they were playing so deep because of the wind. That's what happens. You back up to cut off doubles and you open up the middle of the field. It was going our way today."

On winning this series and moving to .500 on the season:

"We've still got some really tough ball games to play. Everyone knows that. So every win we get, in the league or out of the league, is significant. It's a win and we need wins. It might make us feel a little better to be .500 overall and a game or two up in the league, but what's the difference? It's so close and we have so much left to play. We just need to get wins when we can get a win."

On Austin Stone's performance and if he can be the Sunday pitcher going forward:

"That's our thinking from Day One. Austin's got as good an arm as anyone we have. In his defense, on that home run, he got the first two guys out on first pitches. If he had thrown a breaking ball there we all would've been barking at him. So he threw a first-pitch fastball and the guy's swinging. They're not going miss their plane today so they're up there hacking, and he got the home run. But they hit some balls hard and he knows that. We made some nice plays behind us and they hit some balls right at us."

On Orf's 4-for-5 game:

"I didn't think the first two days of this thing he was swinging it very well. He made the last out on Friday on a ball in on his hands. He did the same thing yesterday with runners in scoring position. Today it seemed like he was locked in a little better and took some good swings."



BU Starter Austin Stone

On giving up the fourth-inning home run:

"I wasn't thinking he was swinging at all. I had a two-pitch inning going, so I was thinking that he was going to take, but he didn't, and he basically got all of it."

On pitching with a big lead:

"When you get that nine-run lead you feel more comfortable out there and feel like you can execute a lot more and find the zone a lot better."

On what the win does for the team:

"It is a big energy booster for us and going into UTA Tuesday is going to be a dogfight and fun for us. Hopefully we can get above .500."

BU Right Fielder Nathan Orf

On the team's performance at the plate:

"I think he [John Means] had to throw a lot of fastballs over the plate. We got on him early and got him out of his rhythm. We hit a lot of fastballs today, nothing too special."

On his four-hit performance:

"I just tried to simplify everything, put my barrel on the ball, which I was trying to do a little too much of the first two days. Just simplifying it helped me hit the ball better and find holes."

On what the win does for the team:

"Wins are always good. Anytime we can get on a roll is a good thing. We've got momentum now and with Oklahoma coming into town it's a really good thing to have. We've been building up all year, so we're happy with where we're at right now."

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