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Postgame Quotes: Baylor 7, Texas 6

April 9, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On bouncing back to get the win:
"Give (Texas) credit. They can make you feel like you lost when you won. That's kind of what I wanted to go out there and tell those guys because we played a good ballgame. Josh (Turley) pitched extremely well. We got some timely hits and some pretty big hits. Hoby (Miler) is really, really good. I can't overstate how good I think he is. For us to just have a chance, Josh had to be special today and he was. I think (Dan) Evatt's homerun really gave us some life and maybe put just a hair of doubt in (Texas's) mind. Not being critical of the strike zone, because it was very consistent today, but it was not a pitcher's type zone at the bottom of the zone. I think all the guys out there were really trying to work hard to elevate the ball. I don't think Milner normally walks guys, and that's kind of what got him. But we got to the bullpen and they've got plenty of arms down there. Max (Muncy's) ball was key. Joey's (Hainsfurther) double to set the whole thing up was about as big as anything else."

On what made Josh Turley's performance special:
"He survived the early part of the game when he was up in the zone so much. I thought his adrenaline was really pumping because he was throwing harder than normal. His changeup was harder than normal but he was elevated and he knew it. That's what I really like about him is that he knows it. He knows what he is doing and he can really evaluate what he is doing. Was he going to be able to make the adjustment? I wasn't sure. But he did. I thought the strikeouts he got right there in the middle of the order with runners on second and third, that was huge for us. We were fighting for everything we could get and Texas was fighting for everything they could get. To get those punch-outs like that during that point in time was pretty big."

On leaving Turley in the game to start the 9th inning:
"It's kind of like you do what the game asks you to do. The guy had been out there for eight-plus and he just hit a guy. Texas had more right-handers coming. I don't sit down and go, `Well, it's over, Brooks is in.' It's not like that. This is college baseball. He's got a great arm with a lot of sink and we've got a strike zone that's not favorable to a lot of sink. I probably should have reversed what I did. I had (Max) Garner ready for an inning or so. The problem there is he got hit in the elbow two days ago. I'm really not wanting to throw him if I don't have to because I'm really not sure what he is going to do. I stretched it as long as I could possibly stretch it."

Sophomore LHP Josh Turley

On getting the win against Texas:
"I always dreamed of doing it. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to play college ball. To make it here is one thing, but to beat a rival like Texas is a huge success for me. We, as a team, we were really wanting to win this game today so this is just great for the team as a whole."

On his performance late in the game:
"I really surprised myself. They were, for the most part, taking my fastballs and swinging at my breaking balls. I am glad they did that, but I felt that as long as I trusted my stuff out there I was going to be pretty good. The first few innings I was a little hyped up and was trying to throw harder than I needed to, but once I settled down I felt great on the mound."

Junior OF Dan Evatt:

On his homerun:
"I got a good pitch to hit and was able to put a good swing on it. It was a momentum changer for us. We never let up after that. We also got a real good inning where we were able to get a few runs. The game did get a little interesting there towards the end and we will try to fix those things for in the future. Overall, it was a really good win. Everyone came out ready to battle today and we will be ready to come out tomorrow and win the series."

On how this win affects the team's confidence:
"For us it is just another ballgame. It is nice to beat the Longhorns, but it is just another baseball game and we have to take that mindset into tomorrow and try to win."



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