Missouri 5, No. 7 Baylor 3

April 10, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the outing of Kendal Volz following a week of working on mechanics:

“I think it is truly unbelievable that he was able to throw as well as he did. Working on mechanics is a tricky business during the season. It is hard to go out there and concentrate on legs when you are trying to hit the mitt. I thought he did a great job. I thought that might have been the best that he has thrown maybe all year. I thought the difference in the game came down to pitch count. Their ability to get (Kendal’s) pitch count up to the point in which we have to take him out of the game and our inability to Gibson’s pitch count up is the difference in the game. It took Brooks (Pinckard) a little long to get going when he got in there in terms of throwing strikes. They did a good job of taking pitches. Those two walks, the wild pitch and Booker losing the fly ball; those little things make a difference.”


On Kyle Gibson:

“I thought our guys were doing a great job with him early. He probably didn’t have his best stuff tonight but I give him credit for being able to find a way to win a game that is an atypical game for him with only six strikeouts. I give our hitters credit for forcing him into an atypical game. He didn’t walk anybody but he only had six strikeouts. I thought our guys competed well. Most of his strikeouts were late in the game. He clearly made pitches at big moments in the game.”




On Brooks Pinckard:

“I really didn’t want to burn Brooks, but I probably have. Given other options I didn’t want to use Aaron (Miller) behind in the game. If we had gotten it tied up I would have. I thought Brooks was our best option to go in there at that point in time.”


On the game three starting pitcher:

“I am going to start Willie (Kempf). I am sure that Shawn (Tolleson) will throw unless Willie has the game of his life. With Willie I can pitch him according to how he throws and not be too hypersensitive to pitch count. If I start Shawn, unless he just does really well, I will probably have to get him out of there in the first three or four innings. I would rather go with a starter that I know we can go longer with than that.”


On Missouri’s use of Johnny Wholestaff:

“It is going to be a tremendous challenge for us offensively because you don’t get the benefit of learning from one at-bat to the next. It is a tremendous challenge for them to be able to run nine guys out there and somebody not to have a bad day. They have pulled it off a couple of times. Looking at their stats, it is truly amazing to have only two pitchers with double-digit innings and everybody else with less then 10 innings. It has a chance to work for them. You are dealing with nine amateur pitchers; hopefully somebody won’t have their ‘A’ game.”


RHP Kendal Volz

On the game:

“They are a good team with Kyle (Gibson) on the mound. He pitched well. I felt a lot better. I went over a lot of things this week on mechanics which has been my problem so far this season. We are getting there. It felt a lot better but still not where I need to feel. Their guys made some good plays out there tonight.”


On Kyle Gibson:

“He was pitching well all night. I think our hitters might have been pressing a little bit more. He is a good pitcher and he knows how to get outs. He had his stuff working for him. He has been in those situations a lot and knows how to handle them.”


1B Dustin Dickerson

On the game:

“We still have a lot of confidence thinking we can win two games (tomorrow). Against a guy like Kyle (Gibson) we can’t make the little mistakes. I have to knock that ball down at first and we have to see that ball in the outfield. This is our home turf and we just didn’t do the small things. We deserved to lose. He is a good pitcher and you have to do the small things against him.”


On Kendal Volz:

“He pitched well but against a guy like Gibson you can’t just pitch well. We have to really come out here. Gibson dominated. Kendal did really well. It is just hard to score runs against Gibson.”


On Kyle Gibson locking down after he was given the lead:

“That is what good pitchers do, they thrive on leads. That is why he is so good. I knew that when we got down that he was really going to bear it down and be even tougher to get runs off of him. I was hoping that we could stay in the lead the whole game that way he wouldn’t have the momentum on his side. When he got the lead he just put it to us.”


RF Aaron Miller

On Kyle Gibson and the game:

“(Kyle Gibson) is arguably one of the best pitchers in the country. Behind him they are kind of questionable (on the mound). They have some good arms but they are going to run out nine guys in the second game tomorrow. Anyone that is going to do that obviously is kind of struggling with their arms. We just have to take advantage of that. If we bring our bats tomorrow I think we will be okay. It didn’t turn out the way that we wanted tonight. They capitalized on the few mistakes that we made. It seems like when we made a mistake, they pounced on us. They just gave us a dose of our own medicine.”


On his homerun:

“(Trevor) Coleman, the Missouri catcher, we have gone a long ways back. I just felt like I knew what might be coming. I got a hold of it and I got a good piece of the pitch. We started off really well. (Gibson) had five or six strikeouts with a bunch of those coming in the last inning. We competed at the plate pretty well but we just couldn’t push the big ones across.”


On Kyle Gibson improving as the game progressed:

“Guys like that are going to get better as they go. His velocity was staying the same and he was able to throw three pitches at any spot that he wanted to. Anytime that you have a guy like that you are going to have trouble. That is what a guy like him is supposed to do. Whenever you get a lead that is when you are supposed to pitch your best and he was and we couldn’t capitalize.”

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