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BU-UTA Post Game Quotes

April 9, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On Jake Miller's performance:

"The two-strike at-bat with foul ball, foul ball where he just kept fouling them off until he got one that he hit into the gap out there -- I don't remember if there were two or three on -- but that was a really, really good at-bat. He's seeing it well, looks like he's comfortable at the plate, playing good shortstop. We've been throwing him in bullpens looking for an opportunity to do what we did tonight, as much for him as for us, maybe more so for him. He's got a good arm, it's got good life on it. He might be a guy that can get a chance to go out on the mound and we just wanted to give him a chance to go out there and do it, and we had the opportunity to do it."

On not scoring on good chances in the first five innings:

"We hit into two double plays. I thought we were swinging the bat well from the get-go. Give their guy credit - he threw twice over the weekend and I thought it was a big ask but he answered it well and gave them four or five innings. He just threw strikes. In the last couple of innings, he would get down a lot and then we would hit balls right at them or not take good swings. We got to the bullpen and then we were able to make things happen."

On how fun a game like this is:

"Honestly, getting Jake on the mound wasn't about having fun. That was about trying to develop him, see what he can do and how that looked. Getting some of the bench guys out there was a different story. Trae, we kind of shut him down from pitching two or three weeks ago to let him exhale a bit. He's taken to the outfield and he's been taking batting practice and his BP has been good, and I really thought his hacks out there tonight were good. That's the first live arm he's seen since high school so I thought it was a pretty good at-bat really."



On if this team is on a roll:

"I think any time you win you're on a roll. I think we all know what we face. We all know that the last 20 games or so are going to be played predominantly on the road. We have Texas here after we have OU here. We've got five series left and three or four midweeks. It's at that time of the year when you should know who you are, what kind of team you are, what kind of player you are. The focus now is take care of yourself and be ready to play on game day."

On Josh Michalec's performance out of the bullpen:

"He was on his A-game tonight. He punched out seven of the first eight he faced. He had all three - fastball, slider and changeup - working. That was what really gave us the opportunity to relax and really swing the bat. [Doug] Ashby did okay too. He came out and bailed [Sean] Spicer out. Sean didn't look comfortable and looked anxious. He's young, pitching against a lot of guys he grew up with and that whole thing. Doug settled it down a little bit, Michalec did more than settle it down."

BU Short Stop Jake Miller:

On finally scoring in the sixth:

"I felt like we were knocking on the door long before the sixth inning. We grounded into two double plays that ended the innings, and I think one other thing that kept us from scoring. But we were knocking on the door early, we felt good as a ball club, and we put up 21 hits so we're feeling good now."

On his first pitching performance:

"That was my first time in a game. It's been four years since I pitched in an actual game. It felt good to be back on the mound. It probably looked weird to you guys, but my arm feels good and hopefully we can keep guys from hitting it into the gap."

On his recent success at the plate:

"I've honestly been doing the same thing: sticking to my process, my routine and trusting my hands. I've been finding some holes. This weekend, every time I hit it hard it was right at them, and whenever I'd get jammed I'd get an RBI. But that's how baseball goes sometimes."

BU Right Fielder Nathan Orf

On his five-hit night:

"BP didn't feel good today, and sometimes when that happens you have to simplify even more. That helps a lot and makes the game more simple and you can put better swings on the ball that way."

On the seven-run sixth inning:

"Hitting is contagious, that's just part of baseball. When things happen, we'll take it. We'll take however many runs we can get."

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