No. 7 Baylor 19, Missouri 0 (7 innings)

April 11, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the pitching performances of both Aaron Miller and Willie Kempf:

“I thought what Aaron (Miller) did was heroic. He just competed so hard and he didn’t leave anything out there. That is the only word that I could come up with as I was watching it happen. I thought this guy was leaving everything on the field. I couldn’t be more proud of Willie (Kempf) because a month ago he was bouncing fastballs 50 feet on the way to home plate and mentally he had really struggled. To see him persevere that just shows so much about his character. I was just thrilled for him. I liked both pitchers today. Aaron was just out there blowing and going, maxing out on every pitch. Willie was just so poised and within himself locating pitches and making pitches.”


On the offensive output this weekend:

“I am very pleased. I thought that offensively this was the best three game series that we have had at the plate. Yesterday we talked about forcing (Kyle) Gibson to win an atypical game. He only struck us out six times but he found a way to win. That is a credit to him. It is a credit to our hitters that he had to do that. Today it was a little bit of the same way. Logan (Verrett) was struggling early and they jump on us early in the game. I think he was trying to do too much but the hitters came back and got us in the game so that I could get to Aaron (Miller). I wouldn’t have run Aaron out there if our offense hadn’t gotten it back to even. Once that happen we had a game.”




On the doubleheader:

“Momentum is only as good as your next starting pitcher. If Willie (Kempf) goes out and they score two or three runs in the first inning of game two you don’t have the momentum. (Missouri) went out and got the leadoff hitter on with a base hit but they couldn’t get him in. Then we come in and it took an inning for their guy to get going. He has great stuff and a power arm. He was throwing us some pitches over the middle of the plate about thy high and our guys were just hitting him good. Now we had something going. Willie just kept going out and throwing zeros on the board and we just kept adding to it. I thought they rolled the dice by using the committee approach in the first game. By doing that they put all of their eggs into the game two starting pitcher; if he is on, great. If he is not you are running guys out there for the second time.  We won the first game by bunting. We got a hit to lead the inning off and then we were just going to bunt him over. Two bunts turned into two hits. I will take my chances with the bases loaded and nobody out with Dickerson and Hansen coming up. That was the bunting game.”


RHP Willie Kempf

On his outing:

“I knew I had pretty good stuff today. You usually know when you are throwing in the bullpen what kind of stuff you have. I was pretty confident out there and I was feeling the strike-zone. With the huge lead my job was just to go out there and throw strikes. I got ahead of hitters locating the fastball pretty well and I was able to put them away with the breaking ball every now and then. It was nice and it was the most fun that I have had on the mound in a while.”


On pitching with a hot offense:

“I always wondered on big wins like that if it was the pitchers stuff or the fact that the other team is so demoralized. I like to think it is a little of both, especially in this case.”


On sweeping the doubleheader:

“Usually a doubleheader in baseball is almost an automatic split. Today we came out and won both. What Aaron did was unbelievable on the mound. He came in during that first game and threw eight innings and kept us in the game and gave us a chance to win. We came out in the next game and swung the bats better then we have all year against a guy that had a pretty good arm. I was really proud that we finished off this series.”


On limiting walks:

“That is something that Coach (Smith) has been preaching to us all year: cutting down on those free bases and making them swing their way on. We trusted our stuff and it is working and you see the results that we had today. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come for us.”


1B Dustin Dickerson

On the series:

“I love seeing Aaron (Miller) go out there and shell for eight innings then have Willie (Kempf) coming out here and filling up zeros after we got a good lead on them. They pitched really well today.”


On going five-for-nine at the plate:

“Some days it is just my approach. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I look the other way and get beat. It depends on the approach that I have that day and if they are throwing at it I am going to get hits, otherwise I’m not.”


On the possibility of his hitting-streak ending in the first end of the doubleheader:

“I wasn’t thinking about that. The only thing that I was thinking about in the 11th inning was putting something in play and winning that game. All I had to do was put it in play and we were going to score. I wasn’t thinking much about the (hitting streak). I needed a hit there because I had played awful in that game. It felt good.”


DH/LHP Aaron Miller

On his performance on the mound:

“I was able to throw strikes and get some outs. The biggest thing for me was that I didn’t throw any walks in eight innings. (Having no walks) made them put the ball in play and made them try and make stuff happen rather than me trying to make stuff happen. I was able to hit my spots and get them out.”


On limiting the walks:

“That is something that we have been working on since coming back from Kansas where we walked quite a few guys. That is something that you always want to do, go out there and attack and put them on the defensive. The best way to be the attacker is to go out there and throw strikes. Eliminating walks eliminates a huge part of an offensive game. To be able to not give up any walks means that you have to make them do everything. That is what we were able to do. Willie went out and didn’t have any walks in the seven innings that he threw. It was big.”


On pitching eight innings:

“I was tired but I just had the adrenaline going there. We have really been working all the way up to that kind of stage. We haven’t had to go that long but that is what we have been working towards since we first started. Throwing pitches and throwing bullpen (sessions) is where all of the preparation came in. The whole time I was running on adrenaline. You always want to be the guy that when the game is on the line you are out there and I have always wanted to be that (guy). It is just adrenaline after adrenaline.”


On the Baylor offense over the weekend:

“All three games we felt like we swung the bat well. Yesterday against (Kyle) Gibson I felt like we competed against a really good arm. We came out and competed in the second game. They threw a bunch of different guys at us and gave us a bunch of different looks. We felt like we competed by scoring eight runs. In the third game it all just came together. We were able to get stuff to land and fall into holes and everything else was just history.”


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