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Baylor, Louisiana-Monroe Postgame Quotes

April 11, 2012

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Coach Steve Smith

On new guys stepping up:

“Looking back on it now, the bottom of the eighth was pretty big. I thought Nate Goodwin drawing ball four, and DalPorto having got on base ahead of him on a two-strike base hit, those things were big. They all played well. I thought Steve played really well at second. He made some pretty heady plays, to take the out there in the ninth, when he could have tried to turn two that could have gotten out of hand a little bit. Goodwin did a great job behind the plate. That’s his first college start as a catcher, and he really did a nice job with it. Michael Howard looks like he was fresh, the bat was quick, and he had a big day for us.”    

On the performance of the pitching staff:

“Austin was good, he was just a little erratic. The base on balls eventually got him, and he gave up a two-strike base hit that inning in between those two walks. Dillon came in and finished better than he started, which I like. He was not as sharp as he could be, but the last inning out there he was. We had been able to get back in it and expand the lead a little bit, so it was a good time to go get Trae Davis. I thought his first inning was lights out. His adrenaline was pumping and that’s a good thing for him. He was pumping strikes and getting after it.”  

On the sixteen game win streak:

“It just isn’t that big of a deal. You don’t get anything for it. We want to win every time we go out, but I don’t think about it all to be honest with you. I think the reason its continuing is because we’re playing consistent baseball. We’re not having to be real lucky. We’ve had some luck, but everybody does in this game. I just think we’ve been consistent. We’ve gotten decent pitching for the most part.”

Outfielder Michael Howard

On his performance:

“It does feel great coming off not playing a lot, so that motivated me to get things going. To be able to do that, relax, just have fun, and hit the ball is always what I’ve been taught to do. So that’s what I did today. I just relaxed and had fun.”

On the sixteen game win streak:

“It’s amazing. It’s so much fun just to come out here every day and play with a group of guys that you hang around with, have fun with, and play the game of baseball with. We all treat it like we’re little kids, just having fun. We play for each other, not for ourselves, and that’s why I think we’re having all this success. We are playing for each other and not being selfish.”



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