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BU-OU Post Game 2 Quotes

April 13, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On not converting chances to score:

"The run we got we just found a spot out there to land. [Dillon Overton] pitched it well. I did think he was at his best with runners on base, and his numbers for the year indicate that as well. That's what the good ones do. You're not going to get a lot of cookies or mistakes with runners in scoring position. You just need to be able to get it in play, and we weren't able to do that. He made some quality pitches. When you freeze a guy on a 0-2 count, you're doing something right as a pitcher. You're making quality pitches and you obviously got the guy thinking, and a bit off his game. I thought he did a great job with the middle of our order."

On not scoring on a good opportunity in the third:

"We just needed a ball in play. The difference in the game is just that, really. I think we had nine punch outs, and they got some balls in play with two strikes. They have a couple of guys that are really doing a good job of putting it into play that are down in the order. It doesn't always result in a hit, but it's moving runners and getting things done. When you put it into play you have a chance."

On Max Garner's start today:

"Honestly the way the other guy was throwing, it was similar to last night where there wasn't a lot of margin for error so the few mistakes he made, they took advantage of it."

BU Starter Max Garner

On why the trainer came out to look at him in the sixth:

"I came off the mound funny. There was a hole in the mound and I rubbed my foot in it. It kind of felt like it would be worse than it ended up being. My ankle just rolled a little bit and it was no big deal."

On a good start today:

"They're a good club. I just wanted to get deep into the game. The guy hit that double when I left a changeup a little up, but it still wasn't a terrible pitch. [Matt Oberste] is just good, maybe the best hitter in the conference. You just have to tip your hat at some point. That was a changeup a couple inches off the outside corner and he hits a double down the line."



On tomorrow's game to win the series:

"We don't need to lose this series at home. It's big. They're beatable; they've been having a good year and whatever but we don't really care about that - they're beatable so we need to come out and get a win."

BU Right Fielder Nathan Orf

On his 3-for-3 day at the plate:

"[Dillon] Overton's a really good pitcher, so I tried to stay ahead early on in the counts and just keep it simple and try to hit it right back at him. Keep a simple approach and put the barrel on it and good things happen."

On Dillon Overton's performance:

"He threw great. He finished on righties with fastballs in, fastballs out; lefties with sliders in, sliders out. He did it all. He did really well. We had our chances but we didn't get the big hit."

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