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BU-OU Post Game 3 Quotes

April 14, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

BU Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:

"It felt like an extremely long game that had a lot of twist and turns in it. It certainly didn't start off very well for us. We kicked two routine plays by guys who are really good players. We really don't know about Austin Stone after today because we didn't do enough behind him defensively, to be fair to him. It wasn't a whole lot better when Ryan [Smith] first came in. But, to his credit, he was able to give us five innings."

On the team's improved hitting performance:

"[Towey] and Orf have been so much a part of our offense. But, what I am seeing that is getting better is some of the other guys. [Adam] Toth had the best swing I've seen him take in a month and he hit the ball well. Jake [Miller] is seeing the ball much better and giving us quality at-bats. [Steve] Dalporto came into this weekend hitting under .100 against left-handed pitching and got four hits between yesterday and the day before. We got a big pinch hit today from Duncan [Wendel]. To come back from that far in today's game against those kind of arms, you've got to get some breaks and do things well."

On where they are in the conference standings:

"We aren't chasing anybody. We're just playing and trying to get better. Some guys are playing better than they were and some are not. I can't imagine these guys have looked at the standings and I know I haven't. We're just chasing today."

BU Reliever Crayton Bare

On how the team is playing:

"The guys are playing really well. Even guys coming off the bench are playing really well. Everybody's got a lot of heart, so when they get their chance they are swinging the bat well and having competitive at-bats. We had a few uncharacteristic plays early in the game. But, it really shows a lot about our team the way we played through it for nine innings."



BU Third Baseman Cal Towey

On the game-winning grand slam:

"It was a 3-1 fastball. Before, he had thrown two breaking balls and then another fastball. The fastball was right there and I stayed off the breaking ball, so I got my treat."

On the come-from-behind victory:

"The game felt like it wasn't over until whoever had the last out. It felt like there was going to be a lot of runs. It started out sloppy and then we just got it together and started scoring."

On the series win:

"It was a big series because it was another Big 12 series and there are so few of those. Also, they are ranked pretty high and it helps you out as a team going into the postseason."

BU Short Stop Jake Miller

On facing No. 8 Oklahoma:

"We knew coming into this series that this was the team we were going to compete with for that title. With the record the way it is right now for, winning a series against the number eight team in the country is huge."

On the come-from-behind victory:

"In the dugout we knew we were never out of it. We kept digging into their bullpen, and the more we got into their bullpen, the better the outcome we'd have. This is why I play baseball -- games like this. When we are behind, we don't look at it as we are behind. We just keep plugging away and score as many runs as we can put up."

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