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Postgame Quotes: Texas A&M 5, Baylor 1

April 15, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the performance of John Stilson:
"He looked pretty much like what we expected. He is what he is. He pitched up to his numbers, maybe a little shaky command-wise at certain points in the game. He gave us some opportunities with walks and stuff like that. He's got some really good stuff and he's got some pitchability."

On the performance of Josh Turley:
"I thought he pitched good, not great. I thought the 5th inning where he gave up the two, that's the one you would like to have back. He's got the bottom of the order, and not that those guys aren't capable, because they are. He got beat on fastballs right there and that's not him. He's not a fastball guy. That's the pitch that got him in trouble that inning. Other than that I thought he pitched it pretty well. (Texas A&M) created some offense and did a nice job with it. I thought he pitched well but it just wasn't enough with the way they executed and the way they played."

On missed opportunities to score:
"I thought the best opportunity was when Dan Evatt came up with the bases loaded and got it to a full count. He put a breaking ball in play that, a lot of times, is going to turn into a swinging bunt that we score a run and keep the inning going. He makes a really nice play on it at third base and makes a really nice throw. (Texas A&M) just made plays tonight, both with the bat and with the glove. We didn't do anything crazy or bad. We just didn't make enough plays to stay with them. The game decided they would win tonight."

Junior C Josh Ludy

On the performance of John Stilson:
"He's a really good pitcher. You've got to give him some credit. We had our chances, though. We just weren't able to get it done when it counted."

On missed opportunities to score:
"It's frustrating any time you can't take advantage of your opportunities. Hopefully we can rebound and do it tomorrow."

Sophomore LHP Josh Turley

On his performance:
"For the most part I was good. I felt really comfortable in the first two innings when I was kind of grooving along. In the third inning I hit a rough spot and kind of got myself into trouble. I realized I was living on the outside corner and they were realizing it as well. They started kind of leaning over the plate and adjusting to it. I just gave in to what they were thinking and their whole process. There were just a few mental mistakes here and there, but for the most part I felt pretty good."

On pitching on a Friday night:
"It was fun. (John) Stilson actually went to my high school and played shortstop there. We've been good friends for a long time and we're competitors and we always have been. We competed with each other in high school and that never changes. I felt really great out there and he did his part as a pitcher. If we can scratch a few runs here and there who knows what might have happened."



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