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Post Game Quotes: Baylor 12, Texas A&M 1

April 16, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the offensive production tonight:
"I think the big thing for us tonight was the fact that their guy wasn`t on tonight and he gave us some balls to hit and our guys didn`t miss them. You can only swing at what you are thrown and we got some balls to hit and our guys took some good swings."

On being able to get an early lead in the game:
"It is always good to get ahead in a game, but it is always better to get ahead and have your guy go out there and not give it back. We have had a lot of games, especially in this ballpark, where we have scored a couple and then all of a sudden we go back out there and they come right back. I thought the key was Trent Blank. He wasn`t sharp, but they didn`t get a bunch of hits off of him. I thought tonight was the complete opposite of last night. They made some outs on the bases that we made last night, we threw them out running tonight, we had a few close calls go our way when last night we didn`t. Aside from us taking on those runs there at the end it was the exact opposite of last nights game."

On Max Garner`s presence this season:
"Most people don`t understand how close this kid was to losing his colon last year. He looked awful a year ago and for him to be back playing is one thing, but for him to be pitching as well as he is and as strong physically as he is just a God thing. It is fun to watch. When he went through that last year I wondered to myself, what does that do to somebody? To go through what he went through I couldn`t help but think that it was going to make him a better person. What is going to scare you after that? I don`t think all the cat calls in the world are going to get in your head after going through that."

Junior OF Dan Evatt

On being able to come back to get a win after a loss:
"That is just the kind of team we are. We have a lot of high character guys who work hard and get after it. We don`t ever get down and we stick together. We are a family and that is what is great about this team."

On his plate appearances tonight:
"I just felt really comfortable in the box. My mechanics felt really good and I got some good pitches to hit and was able to put good swings on them."

Junior RHP Trent Blank

On the team being able to come back after a loss:
"We have a lot of confidence. We have a lot of good guys and we trust each other. I am just really happy we were able to pull out a win tonight."

On the offense playing well tonight:
"I have said it before, I have been blessed all year with great run support and I hope they can keep it up."



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