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Post Game Quotes; UNLV 7, Baylor 4

April 19, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the difference in the pitching the team faced tonight compared to this weekend:
"This was definitely an adjustment hitters had to make. I thought we hit some balls good tonight, but there were some adjustments we still needed to make. I don't want to take anything away from the way that they pitched, particularly their left hander, (Jesse Garcia). He did a good job in himself of changing speeds. They just played a good ball game tonight."

On the team hitting a lot of balls to the warning track:
"I don't think anyone was swinging for the fences. I think guys were just taking good swings and making good contact. I think Muncy has made some of the biggest adjustments as a hitter. He has improved so much as a hitter that it is really fun to watch. This time a year ago he had hit ten home runs, which is all he hit all year. Right now he is spraying the ball around and got the only real timely hit we got tonight. He is doing a good job."

On Dan Evatt's offensive production:
"I think Dan Evatt has always had just incredible raw power. His thing has just been his timing. Last year his timing was a mess. He couldn't time up a ball in batting practice. He has worked really hard at both the mental and physical side and it is rewarding to see what he is doing. He and Muncy are the guys right now who give us the best quality at-bats every time they go up there. Even when they miss it, they are usually on it pretty good and that just a real credit to both of those kids."

Junior LF Dan Evatt

On the adjustment in pitching styles seen tonight:
"We can't use that as an excuse. We need to just put this weekend behind us and come out and adjust to their pitching. We just have to make the adjustments and I don't think we did a good job of that tonight."

On falling behind in pitch counts and still being able to take good pitches:
"I feel like I have a pretty good feel for the strike zone right now. I fouled a few balls off and took some really good pitches and just waited for one that I could handle and just crushed it."

Sophomore 1B Max Muncy

On UNLV's pitching:
"We have to realize that we put a lot of balls in the air. We have to make the adjustments to know that the guy is not throwing hard so the ball is not going to go out unless you absolutely crush it. We were hitting to the wrong part of the park, so we needed to make the adjustment and hit more line drives and make them make plays. I feel like that has been a struggling point for us this weekend and for games in the past. We are not making their defense make enough plays."

On the strength of batters in the middle of the order

"The big thing for us in the middle of the order is to just put good swings on balls. All of our guys in the middle of the line up are big and strong so if we put good swings and make good contact the ball is going to go somewhere and we just need to get it out of the air."



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