Postgame Quotes

April 20, 2008

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Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On losing a six-run lead in the ninth inning:

"You've got to get 27 outs. Their guys are up there swinging the bats, so they're not going to give it to you. You'd like to think that the percentages are in your favor, but you've still got to make some quality pitches; you can't just expect them to hit it to you all the time."


On Baylor's pitching and defense:

"That's a tough loss for him (Nick Cassavechia). He was really the only one who was marginally effective. The other guys got handed big leads, and we couldn't do anything with them. We made some bone-headed, loss-of-poise type of plays defensively. There were two parts of the game today that were pretty good for us. Starting pitching was pretty good; Willie (Kempf) did a good job, and offensively our guys were very determined from start to finish. Our at bats in this ballgame were really good. The bullpen and just being able to maintain a little poise defensively if we had to make a decision ... were what really cost us."




On the team's performance:

"We had two throws in the game where we didn't have plays and we were making panic throws. That's guys really trying to do too much and really pressing mentally. We can make the reaction play. Shaver (Hansen) makes a great play over at third (base), and Aaron (Miller) throws a guy out at the plate. We've got physical ability - it's pretty obvious. We just had a really hard time in this series taking our game from the driving range to the course. If all we've got to do is just do the physical part of it, we're pretty good; but when we had to start reacting to some things and making some decisions, we made some poor decisions and just didn't execute. You'd think that the runs we got would be enough to survive it, but today it wasn't."


On his decision to try to steal second base on what became the last play of the game:

"(There was) inexperience behind the plate for them. It wasn't a double steal as much as we were delaying to get to second base. I was really surprised that they even threw. I put Gregg (Glime) in a tough spot. They didn't throw through, they threw short, so if we hold on at third we're going to be second and third, and that's what I was looking for. I was looking to give Raynor (Campbell) a chance to single and win the game. It didn't work, their catcher made a throw to third base as he's stumbling falling down, and they made the play and got the out."



Baylor junior SS Beamer Weems:

On losing the game after leading 12-6 going to the ninth inning:

"Up six runs going into the ninth (inning), we definitely expect to win the game. It was a tumbling effect. A couple of things went their way, then we made some mistakes and they took advantage of them."


On what mistakes Baylor made:

"We definitely missed our spots pitching a lot, and with a good team like A&M you can't really do that all night because they're going to hit the ball. The (pitching) mistakes that we did make they took advantage of, and we also made four errors, so we didn't really help the pitchers either. We all could've been hooked-up a little better."


On being thrown out at the plate as the potential tying run on Glime's 11th-inning double:

"I was going as far as I could to see if he was catching it or not, and with the angle I couldn't really tell, but once I saw it fall I just ran as fast as I could, and they made two good throws to get me."


Baylor sophomore 3B Shaver Hansen:

On losing a six-run, ninth-inning lead:

"We gave it away. We had several opportunities to hold them down, they kept coming back, we'd put up some more runs, then they'd keep coming back, so I credit them for not giving up, but that's our fault for losing that game as a team."


On making a diving catch to end the top of the 10th inning:

"We caught a break there, and we had momentum going into the next inning, but when we got somebody on (base) we failed to get them around. Our spirits were high the whole game, but we just couldn't pull it off."


Baylor sophomore C Gregg Glime:

On today's game:

"That's the way baseball goes. It's always fun to be in a game like that, and you always want to have the opportunity to be the hero, and today there was a lot of that for both teams. Unfortunately, we just got the short end of the stick."


On being thrown out at third to end the game on an attempted steal:

"With that play we're betting on them not making two accurate throws. I'm supposed to go on the catcher's release down to second, which I did, but I'm not as fast as some of the other guys on this team. I saw that I was going to be out by a mile, so my baseball instincts kind of took over to go back to third. That's a good time to do that play because it puts a lot of pressure on the defense, but it just didn't work out for us."

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