Postgame Quotes (Texas State 9, Baylor 3)

April 21, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"As tough as it is to get down early, we weren't facing Nolan Ryan. We just didn't have a good night offensively. Some of that is the guys in the lineup who are not getting regular at-bats and they are still pressing a little bit. We didn't play that poorly either. We had a couple of pitchers that struggled, other than that it was a pretty well-played game."

On Joey Hainsfurther:
"Joey did really well. It is amazing, some guys work at it all of the time, some guys don't work at it very much and he gets out there and can just pitch. I thought he was sharp. Joey is a guy when the season started that was throwing really, really well and what he threw tonight didn't surprise me, because I have seen him throw very, very well. He didn't throw too much. Joey is a competitor and that is the number one thing you have to have on the mound. He got out there tonight and competed and that is very, very encouraging because we need another arm."

On his team's offensive production:
"Several of the guys hit the ball deep to centerfield. The park played a little bigger than I had seen it play before. It played big out there. The park wasn't going to hold the thing (Cal) Towey hit. That is scary hard the way he hit that ball."

On his team's pitching:
"I am disappointed in Crayton (Bare), maybe I threw him out there a bit too early, but you know this is Division I baseball and when you get your opportunity you have to take advantage of your opportunity. Ross (Speed) has got really good ammunition, his strikeout numbers would show that, but he is also walking an extreme amount of guys and hitting guys, so he is always living on the edge. At some point guys have to turn the corner. We'll keep running them out there and giving them opportunities when we can and see if they will do it."

On the Nebraska series:
"Anytime you are three games below .500 in the league and you are playing at home, it would make any series big no matter who we are playing. We have had decent week in terms of getting a lot of different guys looks on the field and all of our guys who needed to throw have thrown. We are going to do something a little different this weekend with the rotation. Logan (Verrett) is going to go Friday and (Craig) Fritsch is going to go Saturday and we will just wait to see where we are at on Sunday. We got to win. We need to win Friday. This is a series we can try to downplay it all we want, but this is a big series and a series we need to win, so we are going to run Logan out there the first day and see what happens from there."



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