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Postgame Quotes: Baylor 6, Missouri 3

April 22, 2011

Box Score


Head Coach Steve Smith

On Logan Verrett's pitching today:
"I thought it was gritty. He didn't have his best command, but he was able to grit it out. It was a gutsey gritty effort. He was a lot better on Sunday. He threw a lot more first pitch strikes and just had a lot more command. He was behind quite a bit in this game today but he was able to get out of innings. That was important for us, we needed every out we could get out of him today."

On Max Muncy's four hits:
"He has made some big time adjustments from last year and he is doing a great job. I loved his first at bat of the game when he was able to put the ball in left field with two strikes. A year ago he couldn't hit a ball that way without it being a fly ball. This year is is just spraying it around and he is a lot tougher of an out."

On Max Garner being able to close out the game:
"I tried not to go to him today, but he assured me before the game that he was fine and that he was willing to go out there today. I delayed letting him get up until late in the inning. I don't know how he could have throw ten pitches in the bullpen before he came out. Vick's play helped him a lot. One pitch one out changes a lot. His pitches were good and it didn't take him long to finish."

Sophomore 1B Max Muncy

On his approach at the plate:
"I am pretty comfortable at the plate right now. I feel like I have had the same approach for the last week or so. I think the difference today was the pitches that I was facing. I got a few over the plate and was able to make a play. I am just proud of the team today. We got the ball out of the air and got a lot of line drives and made defensive plays. All of that added up to a win for us today."

On how important this win is for the team:

"I feel like it was huge for us. I think this series is a must win for us. I think if we can win this series and get back on a roll and win next weekend. Hopefully then we can go into the Big12 tournament feeling pretty good and hopefully get ourselves a regional."

Junior RHP Logan Verrett

On his pitching today:
"I would say gritty is a good word. I was working behind a lot of counts and ended up with one walk. I was able to bounce back in a few counts, which I was pleased with. It was frustrating not getting ahead because I feel like I would have coasted a lit bit more since my off speed stuff was pretty good today. Gritty is a good way to describe it, especially in this heat out here today. We were all getting tired, players were cramping up, I was exhausted out there. I am just proud of the win today."

On Max Garner:

"He has been light out coming out of the pen and that is huge for us. He has been a sure thing for us all year and he will be clutch for us coming down into the end of the season. We are going to have to pull out wins any way that we can and having him be on the mound in back to back games like this and shut the door on them is great."



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