Postgame Quotes

April 22, 2009

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On what the plan was for the game

"It really played pretty well according to script. I wanted Craig (Fritsch) to get us three and then I had six other guys to go an inning apiece. The only thing that did not go according to script was going to have to get Ross (Speed) because I was trying to keep it a one run game, trying to keep it close there, so I went ahead and put Logan (Verrett) in. Logan was definitely going to throw tonight and I would rather throw him when the game is on the line than bring him in there like we did Joey (Hainsfurther) at the end when we are down. I thought everybody threw pretty well. I thought Craig threw really well. I was really, really encouraged by the fact that he didn't implode either after the two-run homerun or the botched up run down over here where we didn't get the out. He didn't implode. He ended up striking out the side there on a couple great pitches. I felt really good about how that ended for him."

On trying to stay sharp playing so many games

"It is baseball. The five games a week challenges you physically and it challenges your pitching in particular. I don't want to make excuses, because there is no sense in making excuses cause that is just the way it is, but there is some issues. You play a game last night. You get back at one in the morning. You go to class today and you are back out here today, playing a good club. Our bats were a little slow today. I thought we pitched it well enough really that on a lot of days we have to score. Wind blowing out, their guy had a career outing for them and I am sure he was pretty good, but I am not sure he was much different than he normally is, we just weren't quite hooked up today."       

On tonight's pitching performances

"It is good to see (Trent) Blank dodge a bullet. It is good to see Max Garner dodge a bullet. (Reed) Woytek has been able to trick them. I think all of that has been going good. The thing that does not need to get lost in any of this is these guys are right in the hunt. I mean they are right in the hunt playing for a conference championship. There has not been many of those around here since the early `20s. This certainly isn't any time for people to start abandoning ship. I know the guys won't. I am not jumping off their ship. I don't care what happens. They have put more into this than any group we have ever had."     




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