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Postgame Quotes: Missouri 10, Baylor 1

April 23, 2011

Box Score


Head Coach Steve Smith

On Missouri's strong performance in this series:
"They wanted to win and they have a capable club. I think that they have had their backs against the wall and these games gave them an opportunity to respond. I think Thursday's win gave them a little bit of a shot in the arm and I was hoping that our win last night would do the same for us. I think that their guy today was really good. Trent Blank was okay, but he was not that guy. We had to be really good on defense and figure out how to win it late and we were not able to do that."

On where the team goes from here:
"We have to start pitching well. We need our guys to do what their guy did for them today. Our guy is Logan Verrett. We are counting on him like they counted on their guy today. Even on days when he plays well we have got to play behind him. We are at a point where we have to decide if we are playing for defense or are we playing for offense. I think today we needed to go offense. The wind was blowing out, it was game three of the series and we had to play for our best offense. That ended up hurting us defensively in a couple of spots, but that is baseball."

On the lack of offense:
"We needed to square some balls up and hit some balls hard because it can be contagious. Their guy came back and struck out the next guy. I thought Evatt took some good at bats, I thought Ludy took good at bats. Logan Vick is battling but he is getting beat right now. Muncy has been Muncy all year. He has been good every time out. Joey Hainsfurther is getting the bat knocked out of his hands. He is competing at it, but he hasn't been the Joey that we have watched for two previous years. Brooks Pinckard has disappeared. We have a couple of guys who every time they go up there are taking good quality at bats, but the majority are struggling. They are kids and there is a lot of panic setting in. They want to do it so badly that they don't take their time and be as mentally prepared as they have been in the past. But they are our guys and we will stand by them and keep putting them out there and working with them and see if we can't squeeze something more out of them."

Junior RHP Trent Blank

On the game today:
"I needed to step up my game today. I take a lot of the blame for the loss today."

On the mood of the team after this series:
"We are very frustrated. We are going to turn it around. I think our goal is just to take it one game at a time and one practice at a time and just work to get better every day."

Junior C Josh Ludy

On the Missouri pitching today:
"He was able to keep guys off balance with his fastball breaking ball mix. He was just able to keep us off balance for the better part of the day."

On the outlook for the rest of the season:
"We still feel like we have a good chance to do something. We just have to have guys who can make it happen. We can't just start to coast and let these losses build up."



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