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No. 13 Oklahoma 11, No. 9 Baylor 8

April 26, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith


On Oklahoma’s pitching:

“I thought the guys early on did not have the command of their secondary pitches for the way that (J.T. Wise) likes to call the game. You need to have that because he is going to make you repeat it and make you throw it for strikes. (Chase) Anderson was good today. He didn’t make any mistakes and pitched very well.”


On the game:

“We were not as bad on the mound today as the score and number of hits would indicate. The ballpark just played very small today and it was a hitters park. I really didn’t think that we pitched that poorly but we just didn’t pitch well enough. They were able to get some pretty big outs and some strikeouts. They were just better on the mound.”


On the team after suffering the sweep:



“I believe in them. I think it is a great group of guys. I will go to war with them anywhere. We are going to play some more games. They are all disappointed but they do not deserve to bear the brunt of any criticism. If there are people out there that think that we weren’t ready to play I can tell you from my perspective that I thought they were ready to play. I thought we played hard. We had a little bit of bad luck on Friday night with the way that game ended. We got outplayed yesterday and we got outplayed today for about the last half of the game. This weekend they were the better team. That doesn’t make us bad. Unfortunately whenever two good teams play, one good team loses and we lost.”


On Willie Kempf and Shawn Tolleson:

“(Willie Kempf) worked with an extremely small strike zone on the day when the wind (was blowing out). That is just a lethal combination with what we had today. Both sides were confused on certain pitches and you would like to have the low strike in particular on a day like today. It just wasn’t there and both sides had to deal with it. I thought he did a really good job. The numbers are going to show that (Shawn) Tolleson looked like he couldn’t miss a bat but I thought he threw as well as he has thrown all year. A couple of those (homeruns) aren’t going anywhere on a normal day. Today wasn’t normal. I thought he threw pretty well.”


On Kenton Gedwed and Drew Bias:

“We made one error that bit us but I thought the guys out there that we played today (did well). I thought (Kenton) Gedwed did a good job for us in the leadoff spot and Drew (Bias) did a good job getting on base. He competed. He took one called (third strike) but I didn’t see him up there swinging and missing. He competed and that is what we need.”


On the Big 12 race:

“Obviously OU took a big step forward coming in here and sweeping us. Nothing is over and nothing will be over until (the season) is over. This is the way it is. They are disappointed. They have really invested a lot and they came out expecting to win and prepared to win. When you prepare and you expect to win and it doesn’t happen it is painful. This is painful.”


RF Aaron Miller


On Chase Anderson:

“I felt like we competed over the last three days but we just got some balls up in the air today like we haven’t gotten over the last few days. We came out and we felt well but that is hitting for you. Sometimes you feel good and then the next inning they bring in a good arm and he kind of fools you for a little bit. That is what happened today.”


On the Oklahoma pitching over the weekend:

“As a staff they threw well this weekend. Coming into the series some of their guys have had some control problems. Anderson has been kind of erratic and (Garrett Richards) was real good yesterday. They have a lot of good arms and they just showed up this weekend. We knew they had some good arms. We knew they had been erratic a little bit and they had questions with their command but we knew they were coming down with some good arms. They were just making pitches when they needed to.”


On the importance of winning games this week:

“Our goal coming into this season was that we wanted to host a regional and a super regional. This hurt. From now on every game is going to matter. It starts Tuesday with those two games and then we have Texas this weekend. That is a huge series. Nobody has really pulled out ahead in the Big 12. Everyone is beating up everybody. Texas just swept Oklahoma and then they swept us. We still have a shot.”


On the team’s mindset

“You just have to stay together. I feel like we are doing that well. Guys are picking up other guys. All it takes is a game to break you out (of a slump) and get you into a groove. That is how you go from there. We are just going to keep competing on the mound and at the plate and that is how we are going to get through.”


RHP Shawn Tolleson


On his outing:

“I felt like I had all my pitches working and I felt pretty good on the mound. I just left a couple of fastballs up at the wrong time (and they hit them out). It makes it tough for you. You have to hit your spots and you have to be down at the knees. I was down at the knees and just left a couple up at the wrong time. I think on a normal day two of those would have definitely not gone out. I knew the wind was blowing. I definitely felt good. I was pitching with confidence out there. They were just hitting me today.


On the mindset of the team during the losing streak:

“We just have to keep coming out everyday and keep our heads up. We are doing a really good job—as tough as it seems with as bad of a stretch as we are having—we are staying together as a team. If we stay together we will pull it out."

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