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April 27, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On Texas A&M scoring 12 runs:

"They hit mistakes very well, as good offensive teams do. At this level of the game there are a lot of hitter who will hit 0-2 change-ups that are in bad spots and two strike sliders that are up. They really didn't hit the fastball a ton, but Jeff made some mistakes with the off-speed stuff and they made him pay for it."

On Jeff Mandel not being able to finish off hitters after getting to two strikes:

"There are some reasons for that. Sometimes it's location, sometimes it's just wrong pitch selection and sometimes it's that the pitch that needs to be made is not in your repertoir. You need to be able to throw a fastball in four different places at a minimum. It takes a certain type of arm slot to do that and he's working on it. That's going to be Randall's challenge tomorrow."

On Kyle Nicholson's performance:

"I was very impressed. I don't know what he was on the gun, but it was plenty. He had a lot of sink. When you see somebody throwing that well, with that much sink, it makes you watch him really close. I did, and I think his stuff is just that good, and the numbers indicate that. Any time you're pitching this deep into the season and opponents are hitting under .200 against you, you've got some good stuff. On top of that I think he's a really good competitor. He's kind of active on the mound; not what you'd call a stoic guy. But he pitches with a purpose, and every pitch he made was with a purpose. For those of us who appreciate pitching, it was almost enjoyable to watch."

On Baylor's performance:

"Our guys kept playing hard. I've been around Baylor for a long time, and this might've been the most I've ever been impressed with the crowd at any time. These people stayed, were behind them and the guys kept playing hard. We're fighting an uphill battle. We're young, but our day will come, and hopefully we'll get a good starting pitching performance tomorrow from Randall. He doesn't need to be good six times, he just needs to be good one time, and Randall's capable of doing that."


Baylor senior starting pitcher Jeff Mandel

On his performance:

"They really battled up there. Of all of my starts this was the one that I felt like their guys really took advantage of mistake pitches. I've never had anybody take advantage of those pitches like that. My stuff was ok, but they just hit the ball really well tonight."

On Texas A&M's offense:

"Those guys were just on today. I've never had a ball hit so hard off of me as that second home run. It was just one of those out-of-body experiences."

On how he can bounce back from a start like this:

"I just need to get back on track with all of my pitches location wise. Today I was throwing them in quality spots, but sometimes it wasn't the spot I wanted, so to get back on track that's definitely what I need to do. Just try to feel more confidant about where I'm throwing the ball."


Baylor sophomore shortstop Beamer Weems

On Kyle Nicholson's performance:

"He made all of his pitches. I don't remember too many pitches that he left over the plate or up. He kept all of his pitches down and did a really great job. His fastball moves a whole lot, and it's always tough to hit a guy's fastball that moves that well. He kept us off balance very well."

On the rest of the series:

"We just can't think about tonight. We did our best and we didn't come out on top, but tomorrow's a new day, and if we win there it'll be really special to win in front of them. We'll just do our best and see what happens."



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