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April 28, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith


On today's game:

"I've liked the way we've battled in almost every game this year. This group of guys is a pretty good bunch of competitors. This was a game where we hit some balls well, but we hit them right at them, and we couldn't get the timely hit that we would've liked to have gotten."


On Willie Kempf's performance:

"He gave us a chance to win the game. He gave us a chance to get back in it like he did last week. It was pretty impressive, but before we anoint him, he only pitched four innings, and it took about 85-90 pitches to do it. It'd be really easy to say he's the guy that ought to be starting, but none of us would be really happy if our starter were to give us four scoreless innings on 85 pitches. We've got to get better, and he will. Our veteran guys on the mound have struggled the last two weekends, and that is our biggest problem. That's just the hand we're dealt."





Baylor junior starting pitcher Randall Linebaugh


On his struggles in Big 12 play:

"When you go up against good hitters you have to focus a little more on hitting your spots. My fastball has been running over the plate a little more than what it should be, and they're taking advantage of it."


On the home run he surrendered in the second inning:

"You just need one pitch to get out of the inning. I had the guy 2-2 and he hit a good fastball at the plate. He was kind of crowding the plate, and if I had the chance to go back and do it again I would've definitely come back and gone inside on him. He got a mistake pitch and took advantage of it."


On the team's resilience:

"That's one of many good things about this club. We can come out here and be losing 10-0, but we still have fight until the last out. These guys work hard, and they've worked hard all year long. It's a shame that we've come up short in a couple of these games. I have nothing but good things to say about these guys. They fight until the very end."


On where they go from here:

"We're not going to give up. Of course we still want to win day in and day out. Sometimes we're not doing the little things right, and when we do the other part of the side isn't there. When we hit well, we don't pitch well, and when we pitch well, we don't hit well. It seems like we've been battling that for a while now, but when we come together and are doing both things right, we can be a pretty good ballclub."



Baylor sophomore shortstop Beamer Weems


On Texas A&M starting pitcher David Newmann:

"He's a pretty good pitcher. He made some good pitches and kept us off balance."


On the team's resilience:

"We keep fighting until the very end, the last out, so I like to see that as a team. We're not getting the job done, we're not winning, but it's definitely not because we're not trying hard enough. I don't remember the last time that we had a team effort that was below par, so it's good to see that we're trying our hardest."


On Matt Czimskey:

"He's been crushing the ball. To see someone come out this year and do what he's done, it's just a special thing to see. He's been turning it up the last part of the year."



Baylor freshman relief pitcher Willie Kempf


On his performance:

"It was the same role as last week. My job was to come in and keep it close. We played good defense behind me, and it's easy to pitch when that's going on. I had some good stuff. I didn't have the best stuff at the beginning, but it got better the longer I stayed in. The one big mistake was that slider (homerun pitch), but when you throw it right there you can't expect much more than for it to get hammered like that."


On the team's state of mind:

"You can't describe how frustrating it is right now. Yesterday we put up seven runs and that's good enough to win today, but today we put up three runs. We just can't get them to match up. Once we do that we feel like we've got a chance. We're in games like we were in this game, but we hit some balls hard tonight right at some people. We just haven't been able to get that one big hit to get it done. That's all it comes down to now, we're just got to get it done from here on out. It doesn't matter how we do it, we've just got to win."

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